Raila bad politics in Mt Kenya

Raila does not know how to woo Mt Kenya. This using of big businessmen and politicians who are not in touch with ground will not work. In fact many Mt Kenya people will see him as being imposed on them. Why does he has to use rich people to get to Mt Kenya? Residents of Mt Kenya will just see him as serving the interests of those big businesses men and not normal citizens. I can proclaim withou a doubt that this will end in epic failure.

Railas brand of politics has been passed by time. He forgets that the electorate of 2007 is quite different from the ones of today. I will be surprised if he manages to get 20% of the votes next year.

Raila does not give 2 shits about the ground, He has always been a troublemaker for profit since Mois time.He takes up all contracts in Luo Nyanza and wants to own the tap so as to impoverish his own people, what about the common Kikuyu,He is in politics for money-to be bankrolled and to get tenders for his family and likes wheel dealers. He has always valued the opinions of Johos,Wanjigis and he surrounds himself with such more than progressives e.g.Otiende Amollo,Miguna etc, he will regularly check in with progressives to put up a facade that he is a reformer but when the voice of the progressives becomes louder than his/get in his way of making money he will banish, cuck or silence it.Ruto even if also a briefcase politician is 1000 times better as he is running on something

Why do kikuyus refer themselves as mt. Kenya people. The above title should be: ‘Raila bad politics in Kikuyuland’

Millions of adults do not rely on you to name themselves how they wish

More like ashamed to say Kikuyus. Seems euphenism is more palatable. I understand though, after two decades of being called tribalists, mean etc, this is what they have resulted to. Because mt.Kenya comprises more than kikuyus, they feel comfortable in a group

Hehehe ideas zinapotea

Doesn’t matter which approach he uses hapo Mt Kenya anajua hawezi pata…its actually better to use kikuyu businessmen for fundraising

A people thriving and established don’t have to justify anything they do ever from now to 1000 years to you or Anyone anywhere any time any place

That is not what matters. People should be proud of their identity. Kikuyus should call themselves Kikuyus, same to Luos, Nandi, Meru, Kamba etc. It would be funny if Luos started calling themselves Lake Victoria people, or Bukusus calling themselves Mt. Elgon people. There would be nothing to thrive for 1000 years if there is no identity

Your opinion on what people should call themselves means nothing to nobody. Ata jaluo walikataa kujiita kavirondo

We also call ourselves “andũ a nyũmba ya mũmbi”. Are you comfortable with that?

That is identity, yes

Kavirondo was a white man’s name, Luos were right not to use it.

Mbona munamuibia siri. Acheni aendelee kupotoshwa na the mountain goat expert Junet

Wait,ati ruto “is running on something”?
What’s that something he’s running on?, enlighten me kidogo.
There’s nothing much different between ruto and raila they’ve worked together for some time, they are actually working together in jubilee government. … ruto is generous though…anapeana pesa sawa sawa.

Tombwa ghassia.

Central tuko nyuma ya Raira 2022