raila and his back plan called Joho

I kept on wondering where Rao was heading with a don’t care attitude towards weta and stevo…kumbe Rao was modeling Joho to take his place in 2022,

Think of this ,Joho is almost certain of recapturing the county 001 gubernatorial seat in 17’ and that will be his last term.the only seat that Joho could seek in 2022 will be presidential seat…its the high time weta and stevo joined forces to create the 3rd force, I wish they would know how hard it will be for Joho to sell himself in “bara”

If you have watched the series Narcos Pablo at some point saw himself becoming the president in the future hence Joho 's dreams are valid.

If joho swallows babuon bait and he is runningmate kwisha yeye. He wouldn’t ran as Mombasa governor. Two DP Uncle Ruto vs Joho is not even a contest, walk over. gov tap tap will be impossible to sell Kwa wanabara that he sidelines in coast.

Weta and Stevo are too broke to mount any challenge. You saw Weta’s homecoming in this village about a week ago and Stevo hiking a lift from Governor Mutua to Narok for Ntimama’s burial.

Coast leaders have threatened to reveal the source of Joho’s money today. I don’t know why they stopped at threatening.

Morbid fascination is a sign of something else.

Babuon’s playing bait and switch with joho.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
He knows that having joho as running mate is a fools errand as he does not bring the numbers required to tilt the 2017 elections in ODMs favour , but he has what the monkey trader desperately needs, “pharma funds”, to pay for his campaigns since his gava taps were shut off.:D:D
Remember that, at one point when he held the energy docket and later public works, he was the sole importer of bitumen in the country, meaning that every road tarmacked then was money in bank for babuon :eek::eek: