Raila and Gideon, and BBI

Now that it is a foregone conclusion that RAO will be MADE the 5th president by the gods that be… Let me theorize that the next controversy will be on the fast-rising star of GM… I think that those gods cannot give that power to RAO freely and that there are very strong strings attached to this move… I also theorize that GM is being poised to understudy Baba and that he will possible be third on the line after Baba and will be the 6th president after 1-Term Baba…

I also theorize that BBI appeal at the SCORK will pass, for the benefit of the Handshake… though this will not be implemented before elections are done… but will be used to unite the top 5 hyenas… that is just my theory… A THEORY!

sio simple ivo mnafikiria

Passage of BBI will shock many in the Supreme Court.

The current SCORK is 100% puppet of the Deep State… unfortunately… and that will surprise man who think that it is a forgone conclusion…

Watu wa manGiddy tumetulia tu…

Anyone who thinks that judges are such stupid fellows to revive something as BBI that has already been killed by two lower courts, whose political leaders have moved on, something that gives powers to executive to intrude into their space and discipline them in their functions, an act that may lead to full decline on the trust that citizens have on judiciary just like pre 2010…such person is not really applying critical thinking.
BBI is dead and its not gonna resurrect…not now and not even in the future…BBI has a lot of unconstitutional clauses that not even a corrupt judiciary can sanitize or ressurect it. It’s just logical.

I am just theorizing… I could be wrong… let us wait and see… in any case, I have been against BBI from its inception and still am… May it die and never resurrect… But I am suspicious of these fellows…


The time for MONEY to talk has come.

RAT wants state backing from Jayden, money from state & kenyatta family, endorsement from all state tenderpreneurs called mt.Kenya foundation billionaires, all opposition to support him, all his previous supporters to remain united and hope to get some votes from central. A lot of hope and If’s. To get that he gets appointments to see jayden, appointments to meet kenyatta family particularly muhoho, interview and public endorsement of mt.Kenya foundation.
With this he goes on a trip of chest thumping tours that he has support.

However the difference is clear.

jayden goes to giddy office to have a meeting. kenyatta family endorsement of giddy started with mama ngina going to kabarak to meet nyayo to agree on that pact. muhoho goes to giddy private office for appointment to meet him. this wazee so called billionaires mt.Kenya foundation booked an appointment to meet giddy to ask him to incorporate them into his candidacy. Opposition outside odm is now fully funded by giddy under cerelac coalition OKA.

The biggest mistake RAT did was to place his full political future on endorsement by jayden and kenyatta family. You can’t ignore the fortune that is nyayo stolen loot and even to mama ngina she can’t fund another political quest that doesn’t have a Kenyatta as ticket holder. giddy is not looking for anyone. He is not bothered to rally across the country. As far as he is concerned this was already agreed. Its upto jayden to inform RAT.

There is absolutely no difference between Giddy and UK… Their game is well scripted and synchronized… the only one who can be used and dumped here is Baba…

After the disaster that was GSU officer withdrawal at Karen Office, jayden was advised that the pettyness of it all backfired on him and gave DP Uncle Ruto a lot of support. He ordered those games to seize and let him be. Chief hustler started his 47 counties tour and in time church lead talks started. RAT knew he couldn’t let Chief Hustler take the terrain on his own so he started his rallies as well. However there is a clear difference in the objectives. Chief Hustler is campaigning his message, working formula of bottom to up and UDA as his ticket. Meeting the people/wanjiku directly without middlemen or women. RAT is going around to keep his remaining base excited as secondary aim 1, secondary aim 2 is not giving DP Uncle Ruto unchallenged terrain and the main aim is to convince jayden that only him can lead against Chief Hustler. He is going across the country to convince one man to pick him openly, publicly and line up all his rival opposition leaders to be forced to back him. Then force everyone as a unit to go force their perceived followers to support him as well. Kazi kwake. Kazi ni Kazi.

RAT supporters better get ready. All this resistance to RAT in that side is carefully planned within.

Certainly the only vote that is going to make RAT win is the deep state (read Moi and Kenyattas)

deepstate is a fart, yellow submarine or red pony. Anything to give RAT supporters some comfort denial that there is hope. Reality will set in soon. RAT himself is working overtime because deep inside he know this false hype deep state doesn’t exist.