Raila and ecumenism.

There is a video I saw Raila talking to Moslems somewhere at the coast and he said that when the missionaries came to Kenya they put the Christian faith above all other Faiths but could he win elections, he intends to rectify that.
To ad to that he further said that he hear people saying they have a problem with witchcraft, then he said “kwani uchawi Ina shida gani”. Then another offensive statement to God eti " mungu anakojoa" who has those videos, I am baba staunch supporter when I look at my faith Christian faith Raila does not fare well under scrutiny, within the bible lense.
God has never allowed himself to come at a levels of other gods that’s the biblical God.
He does not tolerate witchcraft.
He is never ecumenical, he does not mix with any other idealogy. It’s an ideal that had autonomy, a stand alone above all others very unique.
Find those speeches and see for yourself, I as Baba supporter voted him and majority Kenyans but since he held God with contempt, and by the way God is always identified with the minority, the minority defeated the majority. Wah that is the wisdom of heaven which is foolishness to the carnal heart.

Boss,power is always taken, never given.Baba didn’t lose because God had a grudge on him.Baba lost because his political strategies were compromised.With all your spiritual intelligence I won’t be surprised kupata unasupport this religion based economy.