RAILA Anatupigania.

Order of demands
[li]Talks to be held outside parliament but by parliamentarians[/li][li]Cost of flour must come down to 100 Bob[/li][li]Cost of electricity must come down[/li][/ol]

You think so ??


The problem is deeper than what we see , the amount of foreign currency inflow is so minute that even external loans aren’t being paid . I think we should default loans or renegotiate for restructuring . But the appetite nabii government has for more foreign debts the economy will collapse parmanently

Nabii apunguze cabinet

We destroyed our foreign reserve earning. Agriculture Iko ICU yet we import even garbage as clothes.

Cabinet sio shida, tunahitaji dollars

Don’t count on him too much.

Huko mau forest what are you exporting so that we can get dollars? Ama its only my exports of tea, coffee, macadamia, avocado and french beans hapa muranga zinaleta dollars.

Tunakuza mahindi ndio tupunguze ile kiwango inafaa kuwa imported. Avocado niko na 25 trees nimepanda ii mwaka

I thought olpusimoru was too cold for avocado. I worked in Keringet for some time and hio baridi is too much.

How many acres of maize has the thug planted to bring down cost of maize?

tangu 2020 hakuna transaction ya land nairobi imekuwa ikifanyika because ardhi-tasa haifanyi kazi so gova ina lose out on billions in stamp juti, capital gains na applicatin fees lakini mambwa wanatwambia hakuna pesa.