Raila aka ODM aka NASWA


The Government has embarked on a nationwide discussion of the progress made in implementing various development projects by providing information to the public. The intention is to promote effective two-way communication, free access to information and a more transparent means of tracking progress made in national socioeconomic transformation. This level of accountability is unprecedented in this country.

As usual, ODM has panicked and is reacting in a frenzied and disjointed manner that does nothing to improve the quality of the national conversation. The reason is that ODM is frightened. It is running low on creative ideas and safe spaces for reckless commentary.

Why is ODM is afraid of the government’s achievements? What does ODM find frightening about expanded access by Kenyans to improved social services? Why is ODM afraid of Kenyans becoming more connected, more mobile and more able to move goods and services across the country faster? Why is ODM afraid of better equipped hospitals where wananchi can access services which were previously available in exclusive private facilities? Why is ODM afraid of cost-free, credible examinations? Why is ODM afraid of the removal of hyacinth in Lake Victoria? Why is ODM afraid of the electrification of hamlets and slums all the way from Kisii to Kibera? Why is ODM afraid of the issuance of title deeds to Kenyans?

One of the reason for ODM’s fear is that the bar is being set too high. ODM has no capacity to implement development on any meaningful scale. It specialises in Triton, Maize, Kazi Kwa Vijana and Kisumu Molasses type disasters in the name of development. This is why ODM wishes that every successful government project was a corruption scandal – corruption is a language they best understand. Therefore, ODM believes that any resources spent on development is a wasted. They believe that violence is the most effective form of communication and that democracy is not a way for Kenyans to choose leaders.

Another reason for ODM’s fear is that they strongly believe that only the elites should enjoy good healthcare, education, access to electricity and title deeds. They are intrinsically allergic to the empowerment of other Kenyans.

Even democracy, for ODM, is a cruel sham; a theory and a sport for the professors and consultants and politicians. According to ODM, Wanjiku is totally excluded from the table of national conversation and cake-sharing. That Jubilee is taking the side of Wanjiku causes alarm and sleepless nights for ODM leadership.

For this reason, ODM leaders purchase direct nomination tickets in their hundreds, violently attack one another at every opportunity and spend no time deliberating on policies or ideas to bring development to the people. To deflect attention from their many dangerous shortcomings, ODM loudly and falsely criticise Government achievements. They must get used to the idea of shared prosperity. They must prepare for an empowered mwananchi.

Jubilee’s delivery is steadily exposing ODM’s allergy to three Ds: Development, Democracy and Decency.


11 April 2017



Hiyo osungu.dll ni ile tu ya kawa ya Itumbi na watu wake wa Mugogo-ini.

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Junet Mohammed kwa press briefing aliulizwa what will they do differently when they assume power. He got tongue tied just like @uwesmake after @uncle nyam happened on him. After some seconds he said we will do better believe me. I was like WTF


Jubilee’s delivery is steadily exposing ODM’s allergy to three Ds: Development, Democracy and Decency.


Sanda bae


By Rita Oyier

No Thank you Mr. President. Jubilee at four is the reason why.
In dismissing you as unfit for further duty as the CEO of Kenya, I will reference;

1.The Constitution of Kenya
2.Your Jubilee Manifesto
3. Your attitude


A. You sir are the Head of State and Government and a symbol of national unity. Let me read this together with your roles which include; promote and enhance the unity of the nation; promote and respect the diversity of the people and communities of Kenya. Among other things you are to yearly report, in an address to the nation, on all the measures taken and the progress achieved in the realization of the national values, referred to in Article 10. The national values and principles of governance include;

(a) patriotism, national unity, sharing and devolution of power, the rule of law, democracy and participation of the people;

(b) human dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, human rights, non-discrimination and protection of the marginalized;

(c) good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability;

(d) sustainable development;

Even if I just stopped at this, it already reads like everything you have failed at on your Terms of reference given to you by Kenyan Citizens, “50%” willingly and 50% grudgingly, all of who are tax payers.

Kenyans have never been more divided, angrier and frustrated by the president like they are during this term you have served. You have openly pointed fingers and insulted Kenyans who as you say “Hamkutupigia kura”. I assure you, in 2017 they will not vote for you, again.

Good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability are values as indicated in the constitution that cannot be associated with yourself nor any of your right-hand men and women in government, nor associates as close as nuclear family members. You have openly shoved our faces in brazen theft vomit after “Meat eating sprees” because meat is for those who voted for you. You have further demonstrated this in your various appointments and exclusion much to the chagrin of the diverse Kenyans.

It was painful to hear and watch you throw your hands up in the air at our state house, flanked by DPP, Chief justice, Attorney General and EACC chair, saying there is nothing you can do. Nothing. Previous year you declared corruption “a national security threat” , now racing into 300,000,000,000 KSH worth. Here is one thing you can do. Go Home and Stay Home.

B. Contrary to your belief, the constitution is not a literature suggestion of feel good to do good, it explicitly states; You are to respect, uphold and safeguard this Constitution, yet you have severally proclaimed you wish you did not have to work with this constitution. The constitution that creates the very office you sit in and you swore to safeguard. The Constitution of Kenya is the supreme law of the Republic of Kenya. It seems to offend you so Here is a suggestion; Go Home and Stay Home.

It is no wonder your halfhearted and grudging implementation of the Devolution government relationships. We regret that it is you who had to birth Devolution because you arrived with a hacksaw and a terrible attitude. You have flouted the Letter and spirit of devolution on more than enough occasions. You have further disrespected and insulted the people of Kenya and their sovereignty. The people exercise their sovereign power either directly or through their democratically elected representatives and I dare site the following offices; national executive and the executive structures in the county governments. The sovereign power of the people is exercised at the national level and the county level. Your statesmanship and Leadership has been some ghostly, emaciated and temperamental outbursts of handling this delicate transition. For this disrespect to Kenyans, just go home and Stay there.

A. “What we propose is something of a revolution in Kenya; a revolution at its most basic that will:

[ul][li]a. Put food and clean water on every Kenyan table[/ul][/li][ul][li]b. Ensure that every child in Kenya gets quality education[/ul][/li][ul][li]c. Create wealth[/ul][/li][ul][li]d. Ensure that every Kenyan gets quality and affordable healthcare[/ul][/li][ul][li]e. Empower Kenyan women to take their rightful place in developing this country”[/ul][/li]Now if I was to rate your performance against your own promises, it is an Uncontested Grade E. We live in this country, we know. We pay the price for your arrogant detachment from real day to day challenges in the very areas you called ‘Most Basic”. These items don’t need intelligent PowerPoints and fantastic, imagined figures that cannot be backed up. Beautiful posters and infographics look like insults to us.

On Item c. you have created wealth for the people aforementioned in the massive theft and corruption cases you declared a threat to National security. It has been a treat of Scandal after scandal to the extent Kenyans have developed an immunity to your sanctioned theft that has been the Hallmark and North star of your 4-year economic gang rape reign.

B. Your Pillar of Unity (Umoja), aimed at eliminating ethnic divisions has belly flopped led by non-other than yourself Mr. President.

The second pillar of Economy (Uchumi) has not only ensured food and basic needs hosts have skyrocketed by almost 100% increase. As for Land Reforms that was to ensure a property-owning democracy, we all know the myth of Arap Mashamba. Kenyans are not fools. Don’t insult us.

The Third Pillar of Openness (Uwazi) that you said will Clean up the Mess occasioned by corrupt deals in Kenya, has ranked us the 6th most corrupt country globally and Number 1 in Africa by the EY Fraud Survey report published 5 days ago.
You have failed yourself beyond failing us. So please take our advice and relieve yourself further frustration by repeated failure.


A. Self-Preservation: Unfortunately for us you have come off as one whose sole mandate is to expand personal and family interest across industries and globally from your view at the top.

Financial aggression attended to by greed; despite your pitch for the need to borrow 900,000,000 daily as a country you don’t seem to have a grasp of basic financial tenets like being conservative, minding the overheads and wastage. It’s a free for all financial blood thirst. You are like a baby in a candy shop, eager to keep sucking the lollipops.

C. Outright Bad manners; I hope your children are proud of you when you spew insults to any human being, let alone a people chosen leader in a democratic country.

Based on this Appraisal Dear Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Go Home. It will take us decades to recover from the multiple juvenile decisions and their impact, but we will try again. We need to attain True Economic Independence 54 years on, the real Uhuru.


Raila’s script of eurobond theft is proven meffi.

Na mbona watu Wa ODM mko lazy hivi? What’s so hard about reading the entire piece and critique it from a point of information? Ama you’re waiting for Raila to read and tell you if its OK just like you did with katiba?


until jubilee iseme ime fanya nini ku contain unemployment na. excess taxes siwessssss wapea kura yangu…nita vote anything nasa kwa election even if am voting for a loser ita kua sawa


hatuna time ya umefi nattydread

You crack me up all the time. (The three D’s) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Tupatie Miguna asafishe hizi streets


Clueless mofos at best :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Nattydread ni spears sio Mimi.

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If we are going to talk about accountability it better not be selective, for instance why hasn’t Rotich published a comprehensive step-by-step account of how the Eurobond proceeds were utilised?

Why has the GoK failed to explain to Kenyans why the cost incurred in building the SGR is significantly higher than the global average?

Why has the GoK borrowed so much in 4 years? ,Where has all that money been invested?

Why has Treasury failed to get IFMIS running in its full capacity? Infact it has been established that IFMIS has been manipulated to facilitate plunder of public resources, what is Treasury doing to address this issue?

Those are examples of serious issues that needed answers, none have been forthcoming.


:eek: Not my words Sir. . . .@pamba asked for the summary and that was it. The article was published by PSCU.

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Hii ndio ujinga tunataka kumaliza hii Kenya

unacomplain kuhusu unemployment na taxes alafu upigie kura watu incompetent bora haujapigia jubilee

Boss utaendelea kufagia bara bara hapo stage ya kisii miaka nenda miaka rudi with this kind of thinking


Nimekataa,@spear is more knowledgeable.

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Uchunguuu,uchunguuu,uchunguuuuu,wataona uchunguuuuu!!..Governors=Mefffi!

Na hatutajibu mpaka mtujibu zetu,kazi kwa vijana funds zilienda wapi,maize scandal,grabbing of lamu land by orengo,immigration scandal by kajwang,clynix scandal by profesa mandevu …
Once u answer those pia sisi tutajibu zetu otherwise enda ufirwe na karis yule black,nigga.