Raia mentality

Raia just wants to see Obado jailed. Whether he did it or not.

And the media doesn’t help. They pick the DPP’s allegations and report them as the gospel truth. They don’t care to give the other side of the story. Now if at trial it is discovered that the guy didn’t do it, it will be very hard for the judge to convince the public why she is releasing/acquitting him.

By the way @pamba what do they mean wakisema ‘kutolewa uraia’ during police training na ile ya jeshi??

Wewe ndio uko raia mentality… His phone was traced to the crime scene on the day she was murdered !! Unathani alikua ameenda kuchoma maindi uko?

Ama alikuwa ame lease phone yake for the night to the killers ?

he can simply say his phone was left in the car ued by his aide or his phone was stolen , hapa ni Raila analemea Obado and to make it worse kesi is before a woman judge . mimi kama ni Obado we agree na Oyamo nimpatie 500 million akubali aliuwa dem since alikuwa anakamulia obado na dem alitaka kumuanika . kesi iishe

As we say in kenya: If obado did it,what will make you not did it, and in the end, everybody will did it.

Phone was stolen the day she was killed. And taken to the crime scene. And then returned to him a few hours later. And he continued using it.
Very convenient arguement.

How often do you part with your phone?..mimi nikikosa simu yangu for few minutes panic sets in. i can only imagine a what a person of his caliber would do if his phone was missing.
Plus nasikia taxi driver ali imba kama kasuku.

Am a slikuwa ameenda kudelivee mtoi mapema ikabackfire

Ombeta alisema kama simu ilikuwa at scene of crime, ipigie basi.

That’s why he has aides who carry his phones and to vet who reaches him and answer when he’s holed up in meetings or Ferking young girls.

Mambo ya mwanahabari ili ishia wapi

That, Ombeta’s argument, was so pedestrian maze

I’m wondering why you want Raila involved?

Actually that’s rhetorical. You want political hype to throw justice off course. Dream on.