Rai finished

Billionaire and Businessman Jaswant Singh Rai has summoned all managers, managing his companies, and agreed to close the companies soon and move elsewhere outside Kenya. The companies are:

  1. Menengai Oil Refineries Ltd - Nakuru.

  2. Rai cement in Muhoroni.

  3. Raiply in Elburgon.

  4. Complyn Nakuru.

  5. Kabras Sugar Kakamega County.

  6. Olepito Sugar Unit - Busia County.

  7. Webuye Rai Paper Bungoma County.

  8. Naitiri Sugar Unit - Bungoma County

  9. Raiply Eldoret

  10. Sukari Industries - Ndiwa Homabay

  11. Rai Ceramics

  12. TimSales

  13. Tulip Properties

  14. Rai Expo Park

  15. Dominion Farms

  16. Menengai Orchards

See how this government creates unemployment and shrinks the economy


Nabii MBWA anafukuza investors. takataka ya Mtu


He is fit kujaza io gap.
After all akienda hasora walipigia u mtu kura atawasustain na job za gava.

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We are fixing cartels who were associated with the handshake


He should just sell them to the political elites tuone how long they will survive

The political elites aim would be to buy them cheap the sell to real businessman for huge profits.

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Are they that gullible?

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Baseless Twitter rumors

Damn talk about making money while you sleep

If Rai goes, we will pick up where he left.
When this guy was in power, he was the one telling Uhuru we were smuggling mahogany from DRCongo. A snitch got go

A lot of black people worked with the police as snitches. We used to call them bimpees where I grew up. And, you know, they were afforded special privileges. They may have been paid by the police. But you never knew who was informing on you. We lived either next door to or - two doors away from us was a known informant in Soweto.

Trevor Noah
The long game was ended, the Snitch had been caught, it was time to leave the air.
J. K. Rowling

Hiyo umbwa labda hailipangi tax na inalipa mshahara ya slavery

At least he was sustaining families,

tunamfwata wote soon

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