Rag Tag Militia Wa Africa Are More Resilient Than REAL Government Trained Soldiers & Police

There is no argument about this. Just go to Baragoi or remote parts of Northern Kenya and see how these mofos whip Police officers. Polisi wa Kenya kazi tu ni kuhongana na kuingia training kisha kunyanyasa wanainchi. Same case with Uganda LRA has given M7 a hardtime for decades yet with all the machinery the gov is unable to flash out the thugs.

Difference when you’re fighting for a cause, no matter how damn compared to when fighting for a salary at the end of the month.

Those militia fight for a specific cause.now a certain bored village mofo with money anaongana kuingia polisi as a source of income:D:D

Doesn’t matter which side you are on, there are bosses and there are button men.

A good number of cops in those remote areas you talk about are usually demoralised and are posted there as punishment or because of refusing to participate in corruption.

Ignorance at it’s best. Read more about rules of engagement for the disciplined security forces. Bomb one village harboring militia in Kapedo uone wanasiasa na activists wakiimba wimbo ya ICC.

Police are not the same as the millitary.
Those so called millitias would be mowed down with drones and wiped out real quick. Most of Northern Kenya has no places to hide out that are not already known . Terrain is on the millitary’s side.
That is why Kenya was able to remove Al Shabaab from Jubaland, but not from Boni forest where vegetation and terrain prevent their removal.
LRA is problematic because it operates across borders. If it were confined to Uganda it would be long dead.