Raffael Tuju Is In ICU

Seems this guy sustained very serious concussions. Eye witnesses are saying that his driver was overtaking carelessly.
Let’s wait

That vehicle looked really damaged. Even with airbags, you were likely to get injured. Its way more than concussions. He had surgery in Kijabe. Do VIPs at the back seat snap their seatbelts on. Thats one of the worst mistake you can make. The ripple will slum your back/neck broken into the back seat or the windshield/dash area.

Never joke with Gods humble servants. You will learn the hard way

Shiet, not another casualty. Wassup with twendy Twendy?

That careless driving ndio ilikuwa my guess too. The worst part of how they do it is the fact that they put other people at risk

can you for once stop bullshitting? Tuju sku izi ni ghasia but your reasoning is below par

Sani is a crazy superstitious fellow

Bonobo superstitious thinking,ati God’s humble servants :D:D all politicians are crooks…we all know how this gk Prados behave on the road

Big man syndrome is a nuisance on the roads. Hope the innocent victims come through ok

Government drivers or those carrying VIPs are some of the most reckless on the roads but they forget they too are made of flesh and blood and can get injured or die in case something goes wrong.
But somehow driving big, high performance cars makes them think they are immune.

Suddenly the matatu industry is well behaved in view of GoK vehicles :smiley:
Some folks are salty af

That highway needs dualing urgently, all the way to Naks

For how long have motorists especially Nairobians been complaining of being inconvenienced by GK drivers?
If you think it’s something new then upu are the one going through life with your eyes and ears closed.

Anahepa deni ya 1.5 Birrrion

My guess is that he did not have the belt on

very true. its just that matatus are many thus more complaints. GKs are very few %wise meaning that the number of complaints / gk vehicle is a lot higher compared to complaint /matatu. i rank them as follows 1. bodas, 2. Gk, 3. matatus, 4. subarus

I’m not saying the GK driver is innocent or guilty, I’m saying a number of talkers here are as fickle as an adolescent.

Without the facts of the case in hand a prudent man withholds his judgment.

Anyway we are a gangasta society in more aspects than one. Sio tu gava, police, road users, public service e.t.c

Niaje Government driver

Kenya hakuna Sheria. Its as simple as that.