Radio Theatre

I remember in my early teens radio plays zilikuwa zinaniingia mahali pabaya sana kichwani. Yaani I used to love those programs to a crazy extend of stealing some money from my dad’s shop, buying one of those tiny transistor radios together with enough Energizer alkaline batteries, carrying them to high school (never mind that getting caught with a radio would have earned you an automatic 2 weeks suspension), and even tuning in during preps time, all in the effort not to miss even a single broadcast of my favourite programs Radio Theatre, Ushikwapo Shikamana, and Maisha…
What happened to radio audio plays? Does any of the above mentioned broadcasts exist today?

Hauna radio kwako?

Yaani radio haijakufa bado? Who’s listening?

i do, i still religiously listen to KBC , sundowner on the English service and kwa raha zangu (great taarabu) on the swahili service

Usually like to listen to BBC world 83.9FM while taking light naps… Therapeutic!

Oh, ok. The last time I listened to radio… was Kiss 100. And they still called themselves ‘Nairobi’s Fresh Hits’. Cess Mutungi and Olivia Otieno were still there.

Enyewe video killed the radio star.

Na ni ulize where did sammy muraya of KBC vanish to, he had a radio programme where he played Gillie i think the name of the show was Ni Nini kati yetu it used to air in the afternoons in the early 2000s

used to listen to capiro FM 98pono, Siku za kina, Marcus and Leo.and metro FM riddim base.

Sammy Muraya, Roncliff (or whatever it is) Odit na jamaa mwingine hapo hakuwa na a local African name (I ALWAYS forget his name, any idea?) used to be superstars in both English and Swahili radio drama productions those days…Odit is still at KBC as a jack of all trades. At one point Sammy was also a jack of all trades in the same corp, I don’t hear of him nowadays. It’s decades since I last heard from my old ‘mzungu’ hero.

I used to religiously listen to Ross Atkin’s ‘World have your say’ and weekend football commentaries on BBC radio…I don’t know what happened to me. May be ni effects za kuzeeka.

Used to love Marcus and Leos’ ‘The Jam,’ but my favourite program in that station was ‘Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40.’
…is this later program still there? Hmmm…the last time I tuned in to listen to a radio station Baba was the PM of Kenya!

Capital Fm Top Nine At Nine… Lyrical wednesday

I was a fan of radio theatre as well, 9.30p.m on Sunday evenings. Not sure if KBC still airs it, they messed up evening programming a few months ago.

If you’re in Nbi and environs, make that 93.9FM. Kwa simu, myTuner Radio app comes in handy.

Hehehe…mimi nikose Sundowner mimi?

I preferred Walt ‘Baby’ Love in the then Nation FM.