Radical changes as APs join regular force

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Over 22,000 Administration Police officers are set to be converted to Kenya Police in a move that will also pave the way for far-reaching changes in administration. Slightly over 25,000 APs will be left to manage the core duties – border patrol, rapid deployment, security of Government installations and anti-stock theft campaigns.
The conversion is structured to begin this October through a series of sensitisation programmes before the officers are taken to Kenya Police Training College, Kiganjo, and the Administration Police Training College for re-orientation. Those who have seen the proposals for structural changes say more than 3,600 chiefs’ camps across the country will be turned into police posts. All the country’s 1,520 wards will have police stations while the current constituencies will have police divisions as part of efforts to devolve services across the country. Further, the Anti-Stock Theft Unit will now be run under the Administration Police. The unit will join Rapid Deployment Unit, Rural Border Patrol Unit and Security of Government Buildings Unit, which will remain under the APS.
These are part of the proposed structural changes in the service that would be unveiled if the Government adopts a report ready for action. According to an internal communication in the service, the 22,000 transiting officers will be those who joined the service before 2011. They will be retrained in batches. The remaining group will be taken for a refresher course at the AP Kanyonyo College in Machakos before being redeployed. In the planned changes, the service will also adopt new standards for operation. This will also see most resources that are scattered in the service consolidated under one command in a given area. For instance, all police vehicles in a given division will be managed and run by the local Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD).
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Hawa watasikizana kweli? I do not know why APs and Regular police despise and hate each other.

@spear please tuambie

AP hawana shimo mingi ya kula pesa, watafurahia kuingia police station. kazi yao kuchunga gate, kusafirisha pesa na kukalisha chief kwa ofisi.

Common sibling rivalry experienced in security forces globally, one unit perceives they are better than the other. Starting from the drills,equipments,training etc It is healthy when they try to outshine each other kikazi but lethal when they turn against each other.

This statement unfortunately ni ya kweli.

Agreed, Kenyans will have more than 20,000 more mouths to feed thanks to corruption,

I know APs sasa wamepata njia ya kukula, an AP friend told me they envy the way regular police have “eating avenues” …kwao labda kwa kambi ya chief,bibi akishtaki bwana yake akupatie kitu mkamshike

Prepare your asses and your cunts and lubricate them with lots of lube cause you are about to be shafted proper by Abnormal Police or Askari Pumbavu.Panueni mapaja mikwaju yaja.Utakuwa unaskia kina @blackguards ameshikwa akiuzia @uwesmake karobo akajaribu @123tokambio akalishwa ile kitu.

Kina @introvert akishikwa akisafirishia wakanyama mizoga toka huko kwa forest na bajaj ataitana.Hio anti~stock theft wasikubaliwe kukuja kwa raiya.Wakae huko kwa forest na farasi zao.

@Tarantinoh abaki mustuni achunge Ogiek @Liberty.

Those two units merging would be a recipe for disaster

ng’ombe ya summary kwani unakuwaga A.P?

Ama haja yako ilikuwa kuona makende ya hao wanaume ikipepea kwa hewa?

There will be “increased police patrols” especially on weekends and end-months to ensure utmost safety of Kenyans.

Hapa ni kusema wait and see, and Kanyonyo is in Kitui not mayakos as insinuated. KFS no parastatal, we cunt joint units.