Racist Latino Deputy - wow! A person from a discriminated group can also be racist


He seems lost.

he mos definitely has nicca in himself. Just look.

Denial is real.

A police man in a gang complete with tattoos.

He seems not to understand the question…and then answered it for the sake of answering to get over it

It was better if he had requested to be interviewed in Spanish, most probably, the first answer he gave was direct translation, his thought process is in spanish.

Why are you surprised when we have listers whos job all day is to call his relatives bonobos and seeking negative stories about his kind

When you are in a racist gang pandering to the opponent race is a sure demotion in the pecking order.

Spanish cops lay heavy hands on blacks especially when they have a white partner around.

The first group of people to call me a nigger were Latinos. Not white. They are racist af. Especially the Dominicans and Purto Ricans have a color complex. Whose darker.

Internalized racism.


Dominicans are the worst. Am glad Haiti colonized and rampaged them for over 20 years. Insolent niggaz who think they are Spaniards. Haitians should have wiped them off Hispaniola like they did to white frenchmen