Are we gone react when they finally form a formidable outfit…but at the same time- can they even- these dumb shits.Like how can you talk like this and feel normal for even a second…


then this same country has a president who says such crap…after the recent spain attack…

Trump was referencing the discredited story of how Pershing executed 49 Muslims with bullets that had been dipped in pig’s blood during the Philippine-American War of 1899-1902. According to legend, Pershing told the 50th Muslim to take one of those bullets back to his people as a warning of what would happen should they persist. This supposedly led to a massive decline in radical terrorism by jihadists for the next several decades.

People who believe this myth say Pershing’s tactic worked because under Islam, pig blood is considered unholy. During the campaign, Trump repeatedly trotted out this story.

The Washington Post reported that Trump told the story at a rally in North Charleston, S.C., in February 2016.


42 years of peace apparently
25 years of peace now

Remember the tweet said 35 years…
Like this nigga is an inciter…nothing less than that
Imagine a normal sane muslim how they feel right now in country with a quite accessible gun acquisition platforms and well a redneck getting pigs blood

and seems like its getting traction with hood niggas an its not coming from race lines but the police vs niggas cieth
Tell me shit isn’t getting ugly around their…


I predicted here after BREXIT and the election of Trump.
Donald Trump and all the division caused by the rise of Right Wing politics in the Western world are just signs of the last kicks of rule of the “white man” over the World.
It’s going to get even uglier over the next five years or so and I won’t be surprised if America goes into an all out Civil war.
This will spell it’s end as an Economic power and that’s when China will sit unchallenged on the throne as the new super power.
White People as a race are no longer the majority in America and the trend is the same in an ever changing face of Europe.
Junguz have a reason to be paranoid but it’s too late in my own opinion.

These events happen so often in the history of human kind and for an Empire to rise, Another has to fall and the transition is Always Bloody.

Buckle up niggaz, strap up and watch your back!
But that’s the way it is!

I wish Tupac lived long enough to share with us his opinion of Trump and modern America.


Hahaha, AmeriKKKa.
I suspect most white americans agree with these white supremacists, they just don’t have the balls to say so. We’ll confirm this if Donald Trump gets a second term. I’m not even sure this guy will complete a first term. He seems to be stumbling from one blunder to another. None of it has really stuck, but I think at some point he’ll say or do something so horrible that even his most fanatical groupies will have no choice but to either distance themselves from him or drown together. As painful as it is to hear though, these bigots dinya some points here and there. Like asking why black people (Niggers, as the KKK leader calls them), keep coming to America if the situation is so bad. The message you’re sending is that you’d rather deal with the racism than stay in your (shitty) country. It’s really hard for someone to respect you as a person if you get so desperate as to pull such stunts just to get into “the promised land.”
Then once things work out for you in Europe or America, you still practice tribalism even from your overseas base. I was surprised to note that in the aftermath of the just concluded elections, some of the people who posted the most ethnically charged messages on social media were doing so from abroad, most having been there for decades. So if that tribalism is still ingrained in one, how do they expect to avoid racism?


66% of male white America voted for Trump. That says a lot


But niggers don’t come back to america once they live…infact most blacks once they ball hard leave for europe or asia and stay their…shida ni white people just wanna hate nothing more hawana basis.They got the L and have to accept the jig is up…they ain natives of the land…ain the smartest…bravest nor even the most physical adapt …so imagine bieng in the ruling class then realising your white privilage is gone.race mixture has even fucked your chances of getting some safe space to bring up your inbreds… anyways fuck those supremacists they have no rights and can’t wait for them to roll up in black neighborhoods with thier propaganda ndo watapata these dead ass niggas with uzi doing drive bys fuck running thru the crowd


Niggas don do the case they do the race…


For tribalism i believe africans we have to engage our customs as Obama said keep what can work for the world of today and remove what can’t work today but utaskia mjinag ohh our fore farhers did like this but hata wao wamechange hizo customs over generations to what we do today so expect the community too only grow if this is faced in a unbiased manner but hio ni kitu ngumu for african leaders who are crowd pleasers(cough** raila excuse me*) but its true you can clearly see true and purposeful leadership and one that just riding on a wave…


That’s what I find most comical about the Extremists e.g KKK , White Knights etc…
Even in Europe the most vocal so called Racists are the lower income uneducated jobless junguz with fuck all to loose.
They can’t understand how a foreigner from the third world own in their country and becomes richer than them yet they are the “superior” race.!
It’s not difficult for a politician like Trump to preach to such people.
But deep down anybody with half a brain understands that it’s So called foreigners that have kept these Economies thriving.


You know there’s a nuance when you say niggers vs Niggas. Never type it with the ER.

I’m assuming you in the states cause you said simp in the GOT thread… Unless you didnt author that

I happened to join one forum ya whatsapp for investment where 80% wako huko usa. During elections the kind foul language belittling RAO and other tribes that came from some of those old men mouth was worse than the most illiterate person from kerugoya village. They are true tribalists and you think going abroad had changed their scope, no infact it has made it worse

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I would guess that those groups are funded by the rich in those societies otherwise they would have died away, I always assume its the rich and intellectuals who keep them alive, just that the seemingly poor whites are used as the face.

You are wrong.
These organisations are created for and to serve rich politicians.
Just the same way RAO or Sonko easily mobilize thugs to do their dirty work for them because they have nothing better to do!
They can’t even be called organisations because they are illegal to even belong to; they are just ideologies that only thrive and show their faces in demonstrations etc…
Did you hear about the KKK during Obama’s or even Bush’s tenure?

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Nope not in the states …and simp isn’t ‘american’ its English but I get you and that rule applies to white people BTW not as niggers cuz its about how they say it

I think I told people here unaweza kuwa na stamps soo kwa passport but if ain gone accept elements of multiculturalism usiexpect kufunguka akili…e.g hate to say my grand parents nigga been on planes since 1980’s lakini hadi SAA hii still clingy to superficial bs here and their.Ni vile he ain got the strength in him but he could have been yapping and cuzing struggles left right and centre

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Kwanza U.S. agricultural and construction sector depends a lot on the cheap labor provided by Mexicans and other Latino illegal/legal immigrants. And I read somewhere last week that crops are rotting in farms because there is inadequate labor due to the harsh immigration policies. There are more Mexicans leaving the U.S. than those coming in. http://fortune.com/2017/08/08/immigration-worker-shortage-rotting-crops/

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And this is going to be Trump’s downfall.
It’s all good now that the Economy is thriving and knowing junguz, these guys don’t even read papers or listen to news until their jobs are at risk.
One wrong turn in the Economy will be his undoing.

Economy wise trump won’t fuck up cuz he isn’t gonna touch much their.Look at it like this…the big wigs ain gone push back unless he rubs them wrongly …this won’t happen cuz trump know how dirty wallstreet is and he isn’t the cleanest cat in the alley.SO yeye kujimess ni hizi outbursts and trying to be the Mr.knowitall king of the world - I get his agenda of breaking down the status quo in some sectors but he is a bull in a china shop since he got in office fuck why am i using so many idioms again


Racism has escalated to this level…



it’s not funny… i am struggling to understand how fucked up can one be to use such a simple device to advance racism. To make it worse a public establishment decides buy and install it thier business…

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