racism in europe

Racism pia huexist Europe. Leo ndo nimejua Europeans also discrimate against each other. Leave alone racism against blacks but racism among white people. You find a British openly discriminating against a Spaniard or a French. A German discriminating against a Slavic/Russian.


You are surprised that mzungu eats and shiets just like you?? We are all animals buana regardless of race and any of that BS.

We are all vulnerable to primal instincts of thrills and spills.

If someone shouts fire in the cinema, it doesn’t matter who the individual members of the crowd are. They could be nuclear physicists, brain surgeons and astronauts but the response will always be the same. There will be a stampede at the door even if theory dictates that the optimal exit strategy is using two organized queues to exit the cinema.

Some things such as discrimination and other human responses are just human nature. We are who we are.

Yeah they are like that.

Huko Ufaransa I heard the French openly talking shit about Italians…

Hata online forums utaona the French wakipga Italians sweeps swafi kabisa kama vile Waluhya na Wajaluo hupigwa sweeps kwa hii Kijiji

Hakuna tofauti ya watu whether mzungu ama mwafrika. We all pee na kuhara the same na damu bado ni red.

Tofauti Ni pigment variation tu

Nili notice Swiss wana pewa ka attention fulani huko France , kumbe ni mfuko . Nikama mtu wa nai akienda ocha .

Italians na watu wa eastern europe ndio ma chokosh wa hio area.

Na hewa tunapumua ni sawa.


World War 1 and World War 2 were basically tribal/ethnic wars among the European tribes. Not different from Tribal wars in Kenya or Africa in general.

At some point, Germans wanted to commit genocide against other tribes such as Slavs, Russian and of course European Jews.

So, yes! Racism or tribalism amongst the Europeans is far more profound than anywhere else.

nani hajui?


Mzungus are as tribalist as the Africans they look down upon.They’re no better.

Bonobo Squad Idiots who bootlick mzungus on this forum

Just like Africa. Mzungus all see blacks but here we know we don’t count Zoomalis as true Africans. Bantu vs Nilote ,Bantu vs Cushite etc.
This is why Bonobo Squad idiots who act like Europeans are these perfect gods are stupid.

Western europeans have always looked at East europeans with madharau.

Yep ,that’s why they call them Slavs (it means slaves)

That’s not racism. Just discrimination

Can we say racism doesn’t exist it’s just discrimination?

Racism exists

Racism is based on race. Are they a different race