Racism explained.

I have seen photos of blacks watching fellow blacks being lynched. Hizo picha zili disappear from the internet.

Yes @LuandaMagere , @Ndindu there are photos of blacks watching fellow blacks being lynched in the 1930s. What they don’t tell you is that the person being lynched is not a criminal or a rapist he is something else altogether.

You know fake news always say that the black person being lynched was accused of raping a white woman …nooooo hio ni maongo ya gazeti.

The person being lynched is an ACTIVIST from the north. A BLM type activist.

Amekuja down south kuleta chuki between southern blacks and whites. Akina MLK hao ndio walikuwa wanachomwa because they are in fact GOVT AGENTS from the North.

And in fact Southern blacks walikuwa wanauza those activists live live. Juu amekuja kuwachochea.

But then New York Times wanachukuwa hio picha na wana edit out all the blacks in attendance at the lynching. Kisha wanasema ati “this was an innocent black person. He was just minding his own business, when a white mob descended on him…”

Jiulize hivi @Ndindu , @LuandaMagere kwani ni nani huyo atakuchoma for just no reason. And how comes its usually just one or two blacks in those photos, and not 500 blacks being lynched at once and yet there are thousands of blacks in the South?

And how comes the Southern blacks still continue living in the South to this very day very peacefully next to the whites and they are all quite poor?

If you keep the Southern blacks and the Southern whites fighting you can keep all the money.

Wallstreet networth $30 to 50 trillion.

Blackrock networth $10 trillion.

Somethings can’t just disappear just because they make the US look bad.

Racism in the US has been, is and will always be part of the US just like tribalism. Americans are not superhumans that they pretend to be. You saw how COVID exposed the US profit based health system.
Basically USA is a sham, a total cancerous fraud founded on genocides and slavery.

We’ve seen the satanic white man infecting literate AMs with syphilis in Tennessee, we’ve seen dozens of acquired AMs who have spent decades in prison for crimes they didn’t commit after white racist pigs hid evidence, USA is a cesspit hiding behind Hollywood propaganda

But who invited the researchers to Tuskegee? The owner of Tuskegee was a black man. Booker T Washington. He knew!

The President who followed after him was a black man! He didn’t care , he said … fuck it just give me the money, test all you want who cares.

This was the President of Tuskegee at that time, Robert Moton .

He invited the researchers, kujeni leteni hio shilingi.


This nurse Eunice Rivers she was the coordinator bringing in the illiterate old men and giving them goodies to participate. They all knew what they were doing. It was for money. Pesa!


She was a very well trained nurse. She was satan incarnate. For 40 years she knew but never said a word.


These are the same nurses who market ab.ortion to black women.

USA = Slavery + Genocide without these two vital ingredients there would be NO USA

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You’d have to be very naive to think that there was only one Tuskegee experiment and that it was only blacks.

Pale Kibera… ama wacha tu.

Wangari Maathai knew alot.


USA = Slavery + Genocide

Here is just a tip of the Iceberg of Global Terrorist’s toll


There can be no other better defination of a terrorist state other than USA

Thanksgiving of 1623 is when Devils from Europe invited Native Americans to a feast and massacred men, women and children.

Alafu house negro inakuja hapa kutuambia about eating turkey on Thanksgiving to celebrate a good harvest. USA = genocide

Nimekuuliza swali kwa ile thread ingine lakini hujajibu. So you tell us that there was a thing called slavery and it has been abolished.

You then tell us that everyone is now free as a bird! The great Southern satan is defeated.

But then in the middle of the civil war in 1863 you start shipping in Chinese citizens to build U.S railways !

But I thought that you guys have abolished slavery?


And the Chinese are not reffered to as slaves, instead you have invented a new word : labourer.

@Ndindu wacheni kutubeba mafala,if the African was a slave , then the Chinese railroad labourer is also a slave as is the Mexican. Otherwise there was nothing like slavery.

They just fired the African and hired the Chinaman.

If the Chinaman was a labourer then so was everyone else.

Also by the mere fact that the North has just started shipping in Chinamen to replace the Africans right in the middle of the civil war, this proves that the civil war was not about abolishing so called slavery. It was meant to achieve other ends.

@Ndindu if there was slavery how was a black man in the rural South allowed to start a university for fellow blacks i.e Tuskegee ?

Wouldn’t that annoy the massa greatly?

And we know that massa gave money to Tuskegee.


Well, everybody talks about racism in the USA, but noone mentions racism in SOuth Africa, where white people cannot live normal lives.
We should admit the fact that racism is a pretty natural thing for human-beings and right now we cannot avoid it.