RACISM by africans on fellow africans confirmed ....

if you have been to the west and experienced racism like i have , this will make sense to you coz racism is a brutal experience … i saw this video and it’s proof of people thinking they are superior to others … the racist remarks and insults by these refugee women says it all … if hauna bundles soma comments and you will have nightmares …

You now understand hii uchokozi ya somalia taking kenyan coast na shifta war ilitoka wapi…


@Bingwa Scrotum @Slave 0wner

What the FAQ this?? Dude, you need to revaluate where you are in life and decisions thereof that led to that.

He’s quite dumb

Luanda is a joke

you bobobos are shallow… just coz hamjuawahi panda ndege to experience racism doesnt mean you show how ignorant you are… but najua i.q zenyu ndogo ziko preoccupied by ruto 2022 na BBI …senji sana

hadi kwa youtube comment section imegeuka vita ya somalis vs racists… i really had high hopes in the current generation
nilidhani ati the kids born in 2000s will embrace a completely different mentality and help shun racism kumbe ni kama ni genetic

kwa comments ni wasomali wamejaa abusing africans and saying we are jealous of them … ile superiority complex na racism nimeona imefanya niangalie somalis differently , these people hate us …

We are all human and will die and rot the same way… be it you are somali ,Indian, african , black black african , white . It’s all vanity

Bila yesu ni vanity

Muteso uwache konyagi

i think unamaanisha , bila yesu ni prosperity !

religion namalisa african countries sawa sawa , somalia included…

Konyagi ni nini

kimbele mbele ya wamama utawacha …don’t u want to talk about socio-cultural issues affecting us …wewe topics unapenda ni ruto 2022 , singo mothers na maraya… 2020 hatutaki umama, enda nyoa p*ssy fundah

Beware what you take in from the Internet. When you go looking for something that will reinforce your misconceptions, you will find it. So, does a forum involving a few people characterize millions of people? I guess not. If you search hard enough, you will always find somebody who does not like a given group of people. Can you now go back to the same youtube and find something opposite of this, and stop wasting your emotions.

:D:D:D enyewe ukichikora thutha utapata meffi, ukitafuta kwa internet how kenyans are racists utapata posts …

Ignorance galore …ubaya ya kukaa ikolomani maisha yako yote ndio hii , fika nairobi interact and see that most somalis , chinese & indians are racist towards africans …This video was proof of how they think about black people … siasa mingi ni ya nini wewe !

May be we should desist from overplaying the Somali case. They may suffer from bigotry but that applies to all of us. I know Somalis who have lived with my people longer than I have and who speak my mother tongue better than I do but they still get picked on for being Somalis. Their small numbers, strong customs, and different religion will often make them coalesce together for safety, and this is sometimes interpreted as a discriminatory behavior towards others. Where I come from, people from the lakeside were being referred to as ‘Animals from the West’ as recently as a decade ago. What am I trying to say? Bigotry exists in all our communities, even the most exposed communities. Therefore, it is stupid to attempt to exaggerate its occurrence in some communities just so that we can reinforce our biases and justify our sick emotions.

Kumbe hizi jinga hujifikiria waarabu for real:D:D:D:D
Na vile zinaomba msaada kola pahali kama Street urchins. Na btw they look like pinnochio stupid conical noses and saucer like eyes. Saitan! Ningekua prezo hawa wako kenya wangeona moto Adolf Hitler style

Classical house nigger case

go to somali spot website similar to kenyatalk and see the racist sh** huko …

they discuss freely about hating bantus and insult african women openly …they say blacks have low i.q , afro beat is trash and the somali gene pool is superior to slaves … this is proof that in most somali household , they hate africans…