Racial Bias in home appraisal for IR couple:USA is damn racist


AMERICA NI MAVI. Its only good if you are white

The way some people here act like it’s heaven but even they admit that they are being treated like thieves in shops just because they are black.

This is a very simple case. Many times, tenants dont agree with their home appraisals. Cities appraise homes for tax calculations annually. If they over appraise it, you have to pay more taxes. Dispute is in courts. Property sellers also get appraisals. If they disagree, they simply call another one.

Banks also use what are called comps. That is, for example what is the average value of the last 5 houses that sold next to yours in the last year. Now from that calculate the price per square foot. Now factor that into the price of your house. That will give you a fair market value of your home for your neighborhood. If the value is over/under-appraised, it will be evident. Even to the homeowner.

You dont even need an appraiser to calculate your home to within 5%. Simple online tools will get you within 1-2% asking price.

@Mangele si ulipost hii story juzi?

Yes, I did. Your friend wants to duplicate. None issue.