Rachet who destroyed my Ego in colle

so tommy after high skool…went to K.I.M kenya institute of business management…and did a diploma course…bado nilikuwa na instint za DFHKM but nilikuwa sina confident ya kuitisha hii kitu…ata nikipewa sikuwa na ichapa vile mimi napenda…

so kama kawaida kukatiana colle…met this wonderful lady called Diana and hit it off vizuri…ubaya tommy was always broke ata sikufika bei ya kupeleka yeye out…she was understanding and she loved me ivo ivo…she was the first serious girlfrend l ever had…
ata punanny nilikuwa napewa vizuri sana…even met her mum…it was dat serious…everybody knew we were together…fast forward tommy bado ako msoto kuruka…and her friends started pressuring her waende out every weeknd…sasa tommy ata chupa ya king fisher sige afford…

she started joining them and she started kuniuliza maswali…u never buy me anything tommy… na mimi na respond babie wacha nimalize masomo nipatee job nitakuwa na kuspoil…
wooi she then tell me huwa unashinda ivo…
she slowly started kunilenga lenga…na mimi started hustling on making pple business cards and flyers coz l was good with grafics …ile pesa kidogo napataa l buy her a small gift kama choc…after gift iyo siku nitapewa
…but nikienda bila nalengwa lengwa…

she slowly changed and every wknd she is out and posting pics on facebook…l comfronted her na apo ndio nilipewa jibu sitawai sahau…
Wewe Mwanaume mgani ata huwezi nunulia mwanamke ata Suruali ya ndani… mwanaume wa aina gani wewe…
l felt mbaya, kwanza the way she shouted at me…yani l felt humilliated mbele ya watu…after
the argument she update single and ready to mingle with real men…
manze nilichekwa colle na maboyz…

apo iyo matusi ikanimotivate kusaka pesa…

nitaendeleza kesho vile iyo rachet tulimet after 3 years…vile kulienda


Maliza story TLS

@Tommy Lee Sparta usijali kila jamaa anajifanya ndume ashapitia izo mashida! Its wat makes a man grow a tough hide.

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Mimi when I was in college there was no facebook…the closest there was to social media was coke’s life in red ie if you could get internet in a cbyer cafe…mobile phones ndio zilikuwa zinaingia no one in my campus had one…so count your blessings

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Your pubes must be grey by now , wah!



Siku hizi its worse kama hauna laptop na dem anadai kuwatch movie

Bado hazijakuwa grey…I’m aging gracefully

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From the same era. I remember waiting till midnight to browse at a shilling. You actually had to take the time to chat a lady up. No Facebook, no whatsapp… Kencell then was like 25 bob a minute.

hahaha ati nini? pole tommy that is what makes you a man, you decided to make more money after that and its working out but you also learned a valuable lesson, if she treats you like an ATM treat her like a commodity, that way no one will get hurt


Colle madem huwa hivyo. Most of them go for very mature working guys

“…Nimekopa nikupe, kumbe wewe ndio kupe…
Nang’ang’ana ndio tule juhudi zangu bure…”

H_Art The Band “Uliza Kiatu”


Another HOYA nominee.


Wht jaz me is…most of those ladies are either in abusive or broke marriages …Wht they anticipated in life,took a left turn

Its quite simple;

[li]Nice hot gal dumps an honest hardworking nice guy like TLS in college[/li][li]She prefers the bad guyz that are rolling in their parents’ cars[/li][li]TLS works hard to make his own life better[/li][li]The bad guyz page the nice hot gal and from there their lives mostly go downhill[/li][li]The bad guyz forever live in their parents shadow and most fail to even move out of the house[/li][li]They become spoilt big babies that decide to take on alchohol and abuse their previously campus model chics[/li][li]TLS works hard and gets his own place in Syokimau while the bad guyz still stay in their parents “extension” in buruburu[/li][li]Later on TLS meets the girls in town looking ten years older than they really are while he has a good life with that Toyota Fielder (atleast ni yake not his parents’) and all of a sudden they pretend to laugh at his jokes once more.[/li][li]LMAO[/li][/ul]


Hehehehe. Why go for an old damsel when there are so many young college chicks around?

There are no damsels in college,just pricey psy

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that is the cycle, with TLS a little moneyed, he goes for the college girls and they in turn disappoint their young college boyfriends in favor of TLS’s money, while the chics that disregarded TLS in colle are now in a limbo looking older than they really are with a diminishing number of men that would as much as look at their direction

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Money is everything in this modern society…

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Ukaambiwa wewe ni mtu hivi hivi