Rachel Ruto's Office Allocated 103M More to Hire Staff

Wee! The shafting is gaining pace :mad::mad:

The Treasury has allocated the office of the wife of the Deputy President William Ruto an extra Sh103.7 million to hire staff, reflecting the taxpayers’ burden of keeping State officers and their families comfortable.

Budget estimates for the year starting July show Rachel Ruto’s office allocation for salaries and allowances rose to Sh118.5 million from Sh14.7 in current year, reflecting a 707 per cent growth.

This increased the budget of running the office to Sh305.6 million in the period starting July, up from Sh187.2 that will be spent in the current year ending next month.
Treasury did not specify reasons behind the payroll jump in Mrs Ruto’s office, whose annual budget has increased from Sh102.9 million in 2014.

The budget allocation for the office of the First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, was little changed at Sh437 million, up from Sh430m in the current year. But the budget has risen from Sh114.4m in 2013.

Besides staff, millions of shillings are spent on rent, furniture, entertainment, cars, travel and communication in the two offices.

Mrs Ruto is also paid by the government in her position as the spouse of Deputy President. Her pet project has been empowering women through business and provision of affordable credit.

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However, I am somehow relieved that even with the handshake, this kind of info still finds its way out. It is what we, as Kenyans, do with the information that matters now.

Inaonekana one of these days utasikia parliament building imeibiwa

Our only viable chance will come in 2022 and of course we can predict our approach when time comes.

Chance gani? Hiyo takataka imejaa kwa serikali unafikiri inaondolewa na kura? Forget. Cartel zilijengwa kutoka siku za ukoloni unafikiri zitapotea tu hivi?

Kura haiwes wamalisa but it can be the beginning. If Kenyans put a statement of intent but are ignored and their efforts frustrated…that would be the beginning of a revolution. It has happened elsewhere and it can happen here too.

angalau waadopt another four or five or even ten babies with these looted monies while at it. Better still with that 100 million one could expand the joseph kangethe rehabilitation home to cater for hundreds of street kids or even pay school fees for them at Starehe boys center. Anyway ni wenye nchi.


Yaani over 40 million Kenyans tumekaliwa with a small clique of elites who are raping us bila huruma and yet we are just detached and only complain in hushed tones!..We have been blindfolded by our usual tribalism which has programmed us to go with the status quo so long it is our man ‘eating’. Washenzz! Lets blame ourselves, not the politicians/elites. Like sheep being led to the slaughter, lets keep on moving…

what is her job in government? How is she helping in achieving the Big 4? I mean Ruto has a state paid chef so so kumpikia. Tano tena lilieni kwa choo

Tano tena!!!

Tunalia sisi wote, sio watu wa tano tena pekee.

Don’t you find it convenient how all the news is about Ruto being involved in almost every corruption deal in this country just when it is apparent that he is the frontrunnner in the 2022 election? It may all be true but the people behind all this unvailing do not have the best intentions …cough cough gideon moi cough…

Ruto should expose them too, he has the capability to do so. Wabomoane kabisa

BTW, what is her title?
What does her office do?
Any campaigns, like Beyond zero?

Anyways, I think 100M isn’t that bad. It’s just a million dollars. Kabura stole more than that and she was just a salonist.

Kenyans mnapeda negative saa sote. The headline says the allocation is to hire more staff. That means more jobs for our youth

The wage bill has ballooned to unsustainable levels, government needs to stop hiring unnecessarily

I think at times we assume everybody thinks like we do, you will be surprised (or not) that majority of kenyans have no issue with the corruption, and the other ills (or what we consider to be bad).
For those who have ‘shags’ especially in the rural areas, if you visit the local market and discuss this issues guys view the same with delight, ati huyo anajua kuiba, hajifungi, actually people think guys who retire from government poor are just stupid, ati hata haukuiba.

We can not change this by voting in or voting out, its a societal problem affecting a whole generation, we just grew up knowing the government is an endless supply of cash that has to be looted y whoever is in the office.

Weka evidence that wage bill has ballooned to unsustainable levels. Fanya research and you will realise hiyo huwa fallacy


Our wage bill stands at 52% of revenues collected and that was in 2017, UNSUSTAINABLE