Rachel Ruto and preachers in statehouse

Mbona watu wanalia Rachel akiita wahubiri statehouse?

Hao wahubiri wanamwabudu nani ?

Haijawahit huko ni home kwake sasa. Is it just me or women who trained as teachers in the 80s and 90s make good wives?

Because they are all charlatans, and they have found an easy target !

Rachel seems to be drifting out, she can’t be hosting evangelists Kwa state House every now and then.
Kenyans also want other food and not just food for the soul

Utado? She can host whomever zhe wants in her home

Let them even hold a holy orgy for all I care ,it’s their home for the next 20 years

I wonder is her agenda from her new position Evangelism?

These Pharisees and Sadducees.

Labda atasimama for President. Many people forget she’s the first wife of a president to hold a degree with first class honours in Kenya. Ni mtu amesoma na ni mwerevu

She should have been the first to tell her husband that it was wrong to steal from the late Muteshi.

There’s always and must be a clear separation of church and state.

I saw some group of preachers asking for a CDF of the church, because ruto amebarikiwa. Spiritually growth moves from awareness to passion to wisdom, ruto ako stage ya passion. That is why you find him crying alot, atakuliwa na hawa matapeli to his downfall. Atapata character development till he understands passion is not enough.

Lakini her approach to religion makes one doubt her.

Kuna watu Huku nje wana PhD lakini ukiwaangalia closely heri a person without all those degrees.

It’s fanatical to say the least.
If she were Moslem ungesema yeye ni mujahedeen ama Al…

Hafu kila mmoja antoka na brown envelope

Maggy Kenyatta? Lucy Kibaki?

The church is the biggest & most effective distribution channel of any agenda. It’s more powerful than the media. A simple example:- the Catholic church has around a 1.4Billion followers (The size of China or India’s population) - Whoever controls this population controls 20% of the world.
Now for Kenya’s situation, how many believers do these churches have in terms of numbers? How easy is it to deceive them? How easy is it for the message to travel from the pastor to the followers?

Lucy alikuwa na cert margaret hajasoma

Maggy ni graduate wa KU bana, wacha zako.