R Kelly


R kelly is the definition of talent. Yani this guy people knew he was pissing and sleeping with little girls for more than 2 decades but everyone chose to ignore that due to his talent. The man went a step further and married Aaliyah at 15 and somehow got away with that because he “believed he could fly”. Ata sai just go to any of his music videos and scroll down to the comment section people are in disbelief.

"Other witnesses at the trial are expected to testify about Mr. Kelly and Aaliyah’s interactions.

One witness is expected to testify that she observed their sexual contact, around the time Aaliyah was 12. And prosecutors say a second woman, who is one of the accusers at the center of the case against Mr. Kelly, will tell jurors he once admitted to her that he married Aaliyah because he believed she was pregnant and was seeking legal protection against her possible testimony.

Aaliyah, whose full name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton, died in 2001 in a plane crash at 22. She has been identified in court documents as Jane Doe No. 1.

R. Kelly’s marriage to Aaliyah brought attention to his relationships and dealings with women after Vibe magazine reported more than two decades ago that an Illinois marriage license for the two listed her age as 18."

NY Times

As much as R. Kelly is talented, he’s a pedophile and better ready himself for many years behind bars. He may never get out.


nashangaa 2047 ni nani atamulikwa alikuwa akinukisha taya na watoi :D:D:D:D