R Kelly Plans To ‘Snitch’ On Multiple Celebrity Pedophiles

Kama hii ni ukweli then RKelly didn’t kill himself. :D:D:D

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[SIZE=7]R Kelly Plans To ‘Snitch’ On Multiple Celebrity Pedophiles – A ‘Rapper’ & A Big Singer’[/SIZE]

Just when you thought that the R Kelly court situation couldn’t get any more bizarre, according to a person close to R Kelly, the R&B singer is hoping to work with federal prosecutors – to have his prison sentence reduced.
R Kelly wants to barter with prosecutors information he has on other “celebrities” who he claims has or is engaging in illegal s*xual contact with underage girls.

The insider, who has known R Kelly for decades, explained to us, “[R Kelly] and his team are working with the feds to reduce his prison time. He’ll provide evidence against other celebrities who were pedo**iles, and they’ll reduce his sentence.”

The friend wouldn’t be specific as to who R Kelly plans to snitch on – but claims that one person is a “rapper” and the other is a “huge singer.”
R Kelly has worked with dozens of the biggest names in music, throughout his career.

Last week, after weeks of testimony and entry of evidence, and after two days of deliberations, the jury found Kelly guilty on nine crimes including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, sex trafficking, and a violation of the Mann Act.

courtesy of: https://dreddsinfo.com/2021/10/r-kelly-plans-to-snitch-on-multiple-celebrity-pedophiles-a-rapper-a-big-singer.html

It will end the Epstein way.



Batunyarire nifinyie through pass ya nyamboke nimkaze hii weekend hadi awike gakigaki umeni marisa.

He shouldn’t try that in the USA. He won’t make it out of the prison gate.

He will be sprayed with bullets.

The US music industry especially the rap industry is a warzone with bullets and guns flying all over.

In fact one always has a better chance of surviving in the prisons.

It might actually work for reduced sentenced but as always is,snitches get stitches

pop music anywhere in the world is designed foremost, to excite teenage girls who are just uncovering strong feelings they do not fully understand or control. they can be loyal for years and generous with their money and also bodies. just about any good but loose pop singer, including our local ones have dipped their organs in younglins especially in backstage meetings. the expose will not surprise anyone.

Rapper is probably Jay Z or P Diddy (The rappers of his era and would probably have hung out with them)
Huge Singer: Not sure.
He should be placed on ‘suicide’ watch.

Considering his profile in his heyday, the “two” he plans to out are the least of worries. There’s a reason amesema musician and rapper.

U wot m8:D:D:D:D

Chances either of those would come close to being tried, let alone convicted, are close to nil. They swim in the deep end

Tekashi69 si alisnitch naona bado ako alive

What a effin’ snitch. He will be put in protective custody in prison n witness protection outside. Still they may get him n I really hope they do. A good snitch is a dead snitch.

Singer is probably Joe Thomas or Ginuwine

Pokot mnasumbua kila pahali?

Kanuke kabisa

We are men of honour. Mwanaume ni kusimama peke yako.Kama ni kufa …unakufa peke yako.

Has beens.

Who the fcuk is that? Alikojolea mtu ama kukidnap? Alisnitch on bigwigs? Ama he’s a run on the mill type of snitch,hao hapana tambua