R.I.P Prof. Calestous Juma.




“As far as agricultural GDP is concerned, in today’s China additional investment in high-quality roads no longer has a statistically significant impact while low-quality roads are not only significant but also generate 1.57 yuan of agricultural GDP for every yuan invested. Investment in low-quality roads also generates high returns in rural nonfarm GDP. Every yuan invested in low-quality roads yields more than 5 yuan of rural nonfarm GDP. Low-quality roads also raise more poor people out of poverty per yuan invested than high-quality roads, making them a win–win strategy for growth in agriculture and poverty alleviation. In Africa, governments can learn from the Chinese experience and make sure their road programs give adequate priority to lower-quality and rural feeder roads”
Calestous Juma, The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa


There lies a great mind. RIP

RIP proff, this guy was contributed a lot in Kenya.

RIP mwalimu.

This is what I keep telling @spear, @mayekeke @gashwin and @kwido that the return on investment of roads like Thika road is quite low and the opportunity cost is quite high. Wacha wakuje wajisomee.

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You’ll just get a long “he & you don’t understand”.

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Na bingwa niliskia unataka ku own 50 percent of the handles in Kenyatalk kabla mwaka iishe. Project imefika wapi?

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Rest in Power prof.

NV peleka mharo kwa thread zake.


Good luck with that.

this is the person we are supposed to mourn. Its going to be very hard for us to have one fitting in his shoes. We have been robbed of a resource!

RIP Mwalimu

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I said, n I repeat, you and me can never have a level discussion on matter to do with infrastructural development especially as pertains to our road network.
May the good Lord rest the soul of Prof. Juma in eternal peace.

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Why should we believe you and Prof Juma more than Githeriman?

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