R.I.P @Cypher254

.Nigga got banned for airing what he and the admin were exchanging kwa inbox…

Hata kwa inbox:eek::eek:

:D:D:D:D Hii chupilee yetu ni noma.


what was a friend is now a ghost in the dark

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i dnt knw why but am still laughing…

Fuck MODs

that is not true, please provide proof that his account is banned.

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above is his gmail account that he has forwarded the email to me… did a snip

@Rhapsody = @Cypher254 why don’t you log in with your other account and confirm if it’s banned or not.

nope thats a lie we are pals if you check ma details we are totally different… but then again y am i defending this… did the email come from your office?

Since some of us know each other in real life it does not make it appropriate to use the=sign.

Sorry for that, it’s an assumption i made.

did you send the above email/ better yet did your office send the above mail?

Hii swali itajibiwa next year, ngoja uone


cc: @admin