In the next few years, you guys will witness one of the saddest demonstrations of female nature.

Justin Bieber is an A-list celeb who was diagnosed with facial paralysis. The lad is only 28 years old. He has a 25 year old wife.

His ability to perform has been impacted bigly. Dude might as well bid his career goodbye. Fortunately for him, he has enough money to live for the rest of his life.

How long do you think his 25 year old bride will stick to “till death do us part”.

My r#d p#ll smarts tell me that the relationship will end in the next five years.

Women are women. She will do her calculations and decide that its smarter to divorce him, take half of his shiett, and look for another chad to spend the rest of her life with.

That’s what most women will do, and that’s exactly what she will do. She can’t risk sticking around and watch him blow through hundreds of millions when she can get half of it now.

This is one of the most public experiments unfolding right before our eyes. I hope the man has an airtight prenup because if not, he is extremely vulnerable.


Whatever he has is temporary but recurrent though not frequently. He has a herpes zoster virus infection that remains in cell bodies of nerves in his case facial nerve hence reactivation causes facial paralysis. Antiviral and steroids he will be as good as new and continue performing.
Beiber Ako tu sawa.

Hopefully he can recover because that is very unfortunate for such a young and talented artist.

It’s Ramsay hunt syndrome. The road to recovery is long but possible. The wife had a stroke earlier this year.

Instead ya kuombea Bieber quick recovery, unamezea mate bibi yake. Shame.

I don’t think you can go lower than this.

is it really red pill to hold up “till death do us part” as your standard for successful relationships? Don’t red pillers believe she’s not yours, it’s just your turn?

Did you read "My r#d p#ll smarts tell me that the relationship will end in the next five years. "

The condition Beiber has is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, and people who suffer from this condition take months to recover but they often do with partial restoration of their bodies from the paralysis (maybe not 100% but very close).

Your theory that a young woman married to a young multimillionaire will leave him because of a half-paralyzed face does not hold up to reality, young women will seek out old, ugly, even married men just because those men have money, so in this case where a young man with more money than most of us will ever have + fame + relative youth + relative good looks is not likely to lose his “young bride”, women are mercenaries Paralyzed but Rich Justin Beiber is a lot more attractive than Old Ugly 55 year Old MiddleClass Man that many young women gravitate to just because of money.

The fact that you are deriding him for the fact that his relationship will likely end shows that deep down, you still believe ‘till death do us part’ is the definition of success. Someone who truly believes that it’s just your turn, will see a situation like this and shrug

Atapona na ndoa iendelee strong.

Lakini Kwa mini magonjwa kama haya yanhanda only the rich? Sijawai skia a pauper akiwa na such diseases

Juliani alisema sijai skia maskini akiugua gout.
Mtu hana any haezi pata expenses mob sijui KFC sijui McDonalds wala mashida 1000 ya health because most of them live naturally.