Qwetu residences

Who owns qwetu residences? Whoever they are lazima ako na serious financial muscle. Another one coming up pale Strathmore

Acorn group. Headoffice in Lavington

Its all about kujipanga. Wakenya wakiwa na pesa hujenga zile vitu zinaumiza macho na roho ukitazama pale pipeline.

Miss Waiguru

I saw it listed as one of the United Kingdom businesses which might be terror targets


Green bonds raise capital for projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency, green transport and waste-water treatment.
The bond, worth Sh4.3 billion ($42.5m), was issued by Nairobi-based property developer Acorn Holdings last October to build student accommodation.

i wish birrionea aamue ajenge cheaper hostels kama za Qwetu …market iko… not soo cheap & not expensive …

Every Qwetu has different owners

How so

Franchise…hata wewe unaweza fungua yako kimilili.

Franchising buda. Read up on franchising and franchises.

Kwetu homes,dago

Can’t be franchising


They are owned by Acorn Group as earlier said, and at the moment they are 3 I guess… That’s a small number with billions in development cost

How much do they go for?

i think shared rooms ndio cheapest at 20K each person

They are all over - Buruburu, ruaraka, usiu, parklands, and now io ya strathmore.

KFC is also owned by ‘KFC’…