Qwetu Hostels wangapi

I’ve heard Qwetu both Ngara and Allsops are good hunting grounds. Nani amekuwa pale and what was the tactic to identify and drive away with willing prey? Naona nipitie hapo this weekend.

If you turn up with one of these …
You are half way there … :D:D

Labda ya kuchora

The hole between a woman legs leads men to all. Manner of places


Enda Sofia joy meffi wewe


You need a car… Then buy one gel a drink

Watoto wa wadosi bana, but kugawa wanagawa kama wa USIU

I remember i was selling a locked iphone pale JiJi.co.ke kunguru ikaniambia inaitaka ata kama iko na icloud lock ati bora tu watu waone ako na iPhone, went picked the big boory pale Qwetu ya allsopps kushuka nayo mtaani the rest was history…long live Qwetu.

Enda ya west utombane uwache nyege ghaseer

Wewe na Johntezz mkiiba sana utafuatwa na huyu.

Mjanja anaeza invent a fake university so that any citizen can get a room at Qwetu, then people could be hunting within.

But realistically, hizi posts za “Coop Chicks” “Qwetu Chicks” “MKU chicks”… are unrealistic, literally all women in all walks of life whether university or bank employee or club hostess are fair game. Hizi stereotypes are too limiting, all women everywhere can be slices with the right approach

That hole brought you to this world. Respect and recognise its significance

Segmenting them is important as it allows one to modify his strategy when approaching them