Vp wadau hii quotex , qrbroker ni true ama ni weke pesa kwa aviator?

So many new ventures kwa FX, naskia pia kuna Deriv alafu pia prop phase challanges kama FTMO. My advice is you scour the internet until you find someone who has withdrawn profits from them, ask about processing time and check their spreads too.

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thanks bana

I know fx markets a bit juu I worked kwa investment banking kitambo…almost anything you know is a scam. You don’t have an hedge kushinda clearing houses na major players… zinatumia algorithms. fx is not meant to be traded, ni just kufacilitate trade. So hii ni scam, likely pyramid scheme. watu wa kwanza ndo watabenefit, wewe ni wa kwanza?

Kenya mimi huona watu wanasema ati ni fx traders mimi huskia kupasuka…

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It all boils down to who you let yourself listen to. For me that is my research and time tested concepts, not other people. Also, when it comes to the markets there is buy side and sell side. Each has a different view, approach, goals and measures of the market.

Meanwhile the markets will be there and people will participate as long as there is possibility to better themselves.

Well…normal people like you only control .2% of the market. Na hapo kuna forex bureaus etc, trust me, hauna any hedge. You are basically scalping from the main meal. Kukula mabakio.

Position trading is the only way to make money hold trades for at least a week to a month you can’t make money day trading not consistently

You are a fake investment banker if you think Forex bureaus have a say in the markets. Think in terms of producers and consumers, who produces currencies? Central banks, what do they do with it? Control inflation, influence production … in other words they have an interest in the exchange rate, not your sweaty bureaus. Number two, in market making are the trade facilitators via liquidity provision and order matching(including your alleged old workplace). Then we have hedge funds and pension funds. Lastly speculators
As a speculator you do not put your balls on the chopping board. You just study the trend, take small risks and grow slowly but sustainably.

If you want get rich quick, easy to grasp schemes try a newer version of quale eggs.

nimevuta kiti naskia

If you must day trade then not forex. Maybe something more volatile like Futures Indices and Stocks. But once a week the major pairs offer a good trade that you can deal with intraday without swinging.

Unaweza buy lanye hapo?

Pesa unaweza unda utabuy ata 10 kwa siku. Sabina Joy watakuundia kaVIP kako ka kulimana.

Exactly but futures is a different ball game huko unaeza shikwa na seizure you go there after graduation from cfd

Plus futures wako na margin requirement kubwa kama unatumia broker wa kupitia CME, NYMEX, CBOT, Globex…
Sasa nikupe story short. CFD ya Nasdaq iliwai fanya karibu nichizi. I entered a trade and it was gone in 15 seconds. Good thing ilikua profit. I had ignored a big news item. I click buy, niko na EA inaweka SL na TP automatically. I check a message on my phone, next thing the chart is clean. Nilishtuka.
Three years later nimezoea volatility.

Sawa Bingwa

[quote=“dwayne_techx, post:1, topic:484063”]
… hii quotex , ni true ama ni weke pesa kwa aviator?
Googled it.It’s just another broker.Try older brokers first FXPESA -Easy opening account,can deposit/withdraw Usd 5.Pepperstone after umeelewa and willing to continue trading MIN withdrawal Amount is USD 100

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Ninja mimi si @Bingwa_Scrotum