Quote of this political season

[SIZE=5]“Whatever the NASA guys are smoking must be very strong. They are all over with wild allegations. The straight answer is NO. tell them to dare me and we shall be in court with them for a long time. I do not have time for their absurd and nonsensical utterances”.[/SIZE]

~~ Interior PS Karanja Kibicho


An Elder should always be original

I don’t know where you’re going with that but frustration is what I read .

Hiyo ni stock quote. Si NASWA wanapenda lifting things from the internet. Ara! iko nini


Yenyewe chenye wanakula hata nguruwe huwezi. To strong

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Quote I know are ‘Ndaaani Ndaani…ndaaani kabisa’ or 'Yalindwele sipite" :smiley:

“yaliyondwele sipite” it is.