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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ; to a fisi’s one, the boner!!

Juvenile quotes by juveniles

Good job…that was autobiographical
Juvenile quotes by juveniles>>>>Juvenile quotes by juveniles

You will regret this comment! Ngoja tu… :D:D:D:D

Jump out of the peticoat and thong and grow a penis ufunge kuma…if you ever heard of the word inferiority complex, the purveyors use it as a mirror to themselves…Toa tampon nunua durex na ukwende kwa wall yako uchore saba huko udinywe…OUT OF HERE NOW!!! now bloody nugu

I’m already regretting it

:eek: Hayo matusi yamezidi

Haka kajamaa kako na hasira mingi sana its so funny

It’s hilarious, I think ni wewe tu hujui no one messes with Dimz Fala. Ask introvert, jamaa alitukanwa akajichukia…:D:D:D

Imagine sikujua hivyo now I’ve learnt my lesson

When did this happen

Hehehe I can’t recall ni thread ipi. Cc @introvert ebu mwambie ile day ulitusiwa. Ilikuwa pages ngapi? For the first time crayon bandit hakuwa na comeback. Was dying of laughter. Kikikiki :D:D:D:D:D!!

what is the meaning of a moderator @Purple ?

Hiyo ndio ilikuwa mara ya pili hapa kupata PTSD.
Nilijua sijui Kizungu.



@Ice_Cube leta rink tafasari

That one slipped through my fingers. I can’t seem to locate it. Introvert and Purple should assist


I usually click threads like that one just after it’s been posted, find it unappealing and never go back only to find later it escalated to another level.
Same thing happened yesterday with the one posted about Arap Mashamba grabbing Kijiji land.I opened it and lost interest, only to come back later when it was 8 pages to find one of the most epic derailment in ktalk.