Quotation project in PHP

Hey guys am new n php language.How can i create a quotation project that has admin and client side(customers) the clients can be able of making orders to the admin who then comes up with a quote and delivers it to the customer.Do i do it from scratch use a framework or find a template…If you know any template please give me a guide…

This is a very general question; vague even. What you’re asking is not really a PHP problem but a general web development problem. Design your system first. Have you decided how you will store your data: files, or database (postgres, MySQL, Mongo)? Have you done the wireframes? User flow?

Maybe specify where you’re stuck/what you have done so far and am sure someone will come to your aid.

PHP is the last of your problem; and when you do get to it, use a framework like Laravel, Slim, etc. You’ll go much faster.

which wireframing tools are good

Good, old pencil and paper.

Edit: Am talking about something like this.

i can also use mockingbot to create my own designs…Can i find a template to work on a quotation when i am done

Get an opensource php ‘erp like’ project, should come with a module dealing with orders, quotes and invoicing

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