Quiver Saturday..

Went to Quiver Lounge on Saturday for DJ Grauchi’s gig and I saw several pokos from Sabina Joy wakiwa wamechafuliwa meza na beta males with Jameson and JDs… left me wondering, do those guys know that the same ladies sell pundesh in the famous brothel for 500 bob?

Unajiita Mzee na huu ni umefi umepost.

Jamesons? I can Guess the betamale species ,Na si mkamba ama mtaita


Upoko ni freelance gig. Mapoko wa Ngong Rd, Thika Rd, na Westie ni same ones wako K-Street and CBD joints like Sabina Joy weekdays.

Akiuzia @cortedivoire kuma tao VIP on weekdays anaiosha anapelekea fala fulani Bar Next Door ama Milan weekend. Hakuna malaya msafi. So heri tu kusare malaya for good.

Umesema ni rende la akina Agwas, @Swansea na @magreb

Kuna wengine wasafi buana.

There was a time when we were in college,we used to dinya fine Eritreans hapo Eastleigh
They would come at bar karibu Kwa chief (the land has already been grabbed)
They were usually in groups on 3-5 with a ringleader who spoke broken English.
The rest were just bubu game.

The fee was very good, about 600 Bob(beers were 55 then) Hadi 3 asubuhi

Do you have any academic or scholarly work in which you have also cited or quoted me?

Sijawahi elewa logic ya hii “wangapi” nonsense. Let me explain.

A 60 year old man can fk a 20 year old prostitute easily. So, why would you, a young man in his 20s, 30s, or early 40s waste time and money chasing hoes?? I understand why a man would fuak a hot hoe once or twice a year in moments of weakness, lakini hii yenyu ya kila weekend “wangapi” huwa sielewi.

Why would you waste time and money on a hoe that you can still fuak for no extra cost when you are old and wrinkled?? Si heri tuu you chase the types of girls that ordinary old men can’t get you exercise your privileges as a young man i.e. young women who aren’t prostitutes.

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Stick to balancing accounts mhasibu. Wachia urologist kazi yake.

From your reply, endocrinologist akakutomba usiku mzima hutajua utafikiria ni urologist ndio amekutomba.

Unashinda ulirudia the same topic daily kwani kichwa Yako iko empty kama @cortedivoire

mwizi wa makaa umbwaa

even the one you are eating is most likely a seller elsewhere

To a lanye jameson ama jack ya 5000 itakayolipwa mwenye klub is of lower value than the 500 yenye atatumia kununulia wanawe unga na skuma.

Fact: You can never impress a lanye with kuchafua meza, or sexual prowess. Mboro zenye amepigwa zikaezashikanishwa one after the other zinaeza zunguka globe roundabout 3 times at least.

hehe of cos, the beta males buy them JD and still pay to ferk them

true…lanye anakuanga biashara