Quiver Lounges owner scams a couple millions of shilling... Kumbe hizo clubs ni kuosha pesa

By Nyakundi…

SHADY Quiver Lodge Owner Peter Mbugua SCAMS Couple MILLIONS Out of Property in DODGY Land Deal

Hi Nyakundi.

Can you help me expose one Peter Mbugua of Quiver Lodges?

Below is the reason why…

Ok, I’m Joseph Nancy’s husband.

I’m writing to you on behalf of my uncle, Onesmas Muturi.

It all started when one Peter Mbugua, the owner of Quiver Lodges, was approached by Teresia Victoria Wairimu and John Njoroge Mburu to buy their co-owned property in Thika Section Nine.

After negotiating, they settled at Ksh 14 million, out of which Peter paid 2 million and suggested that instead of paying the balance, he allocate them shares in Quiver with all powers and privileges as equal partners. After that agreement, Peter Mbugua of Quiver Lodges approached businessman Onesmas Muturi of Platinum Distillers to buy the property, which he agreed to and bought at Ksh 15 million.

Onesmas Muturi entered into a sale agreement with Peter, but since Peter Mbugua had not effected the transfer of title from Teresia and John to his name, he suggested that they directly transfer it to Onesmas Muturi to avoid double payment of stamp duty, which they agreed to. They also appended their signatures in the sale agreement between Peter and Onesmas.

Consequently, Onesmas effects the transfer to his name and becomes the legal owner of the property. Teresia and John agree to vacate the property by a given date.

Before the vacating date, Teresia realizes that Peter played them and dishonored their agreement by refusing to grant them the right to the Quiver Lodges business. Upon the expiry of the vacating deadline, Onesmas demands that Teresia leaves, but she refuses on the grounds that Peter never paid her the balance nor gave her shares as per their agreement.

Onesmas Muturi threatens to distress Teresia for rent arrears accumulating from the vacating deadline, but she still refuses to vacate and instead heads to court seeking the reversal of the entire sale agreement.

Consequently, the court issues orders that she should not be evicted until the matter is heard and the case is due for mention on June 18, 2024.

While Peter Mbugua, who happens to be the main architect of the whole saga, continues to enjoy freedom and proceeds from Muturi’s 15 million, which he channeled to his Quiver business and while Teresia has obtained orders not to be evicted, Onesmas Muturi continues to suffer, having no property and no money.

Peter Mbugua is known for this kind of conmanship against unsuspecting innocent businessmen and women whom he approaches with vague business proposals that end up so ugly.

His source of wealth is not an exceptional case; it involved the owner of Pork City, now deceased, and his wife, who met Peter’s wrath after the death of her husband. She now has nothing, totally nothing.

So my intention is to help my uncle, Onesmas Muturi, expose the kind of person Peter is.

The agreement between Teresia, John and Peter is dated February 27, 2021, while the one between Peter and Onesmas is dated March 9, 2021.

Ku survive Kenya you need one rule: Do unto others before they do unto you