Quitters n Teetotallers

Been the hell of ride. Insomnia n all, missed company ya drinking buddies, tapping asses etc.
Bonus=ballooning appetite
11th day today n Inshallah many more to come.

Kumbe this is how it feels?

Mimi pia pombe na sigara nimekata hadi lent iishe.

Kitambi imekata na pesa inakaa mfukoni sana.

Ni kama niliwacha kabisaa. Kuna mzinga ya molly’s kwa shelf ya kitchen which may stay there till it expires. I just lost interest

Hello Alcoholics Anonymous,

My name is Nyonyos and I’ve been sober for mumble mumble.

I have not danced on any tables since then and I am practicing tertiary virginity.


Welcome, Nyonyos. We drink milk.