Quick Weight Loss Solution

Kama mbaya mbaya


Alafu gava inakushaft hivi weight yote inaanguka


the next morning unaangusha 5kg in 30 minutes :D:D:D


It’s like the United States plan is that the number of HIV positive Africans to increase to a certain level then cut down the arv supply and they all kick the bucket.
Arvs invention aided the spread of aids,if arvs weren’t invented those who acruired the disease those times would now be curled ,the only important discovery was that hiv is transmitted thru sex ,they should have left it at that ,anyway poleni talkers who are peasants and take arvs, majority here I am sure will import them from Europe they way you import German machines.

Why is USAID sidestepping KEMSA ?

Massive corruption on KEMSA’s part. The fuckers keep some donated drugs until they expire, or sell them to private pharmacies. Now they act as if they’re the wronged party.

Usaid hates corrupt pigs running an NGO remember this is American faggots taxpayers money,and straight kenyan polygamists running kemsa come to loot hard earned American taxpayers money??? Usaid doesn’t like that,let government of kunia suck the pill or sacrifice watu wa okimwi

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Come slow on @uwesmake now.

Crying foul yet the same fuckers,(read KEMSA) can’t be separated from corruption.