Quick question

What algorithm do ad services use?.
I am a very straight man. [ATTACH=full]399680[/ATTACH]

They use predictive machine learning Algorithms.
So washajua your inclinations.

I just streamed some funatari hot session pale vile…or so thats the reason I guess.


:D:D:D my bad.

Wah what do you guys watch? Jana niliona @captain obvious openly declaring he wanks to shemale porn

It wasn’t the first time I’d made such a declaration.
I watch and jerk off to shemale porn, sue me.

I’m not judging:D but nikiona kijana yangu ametoka cyber games shop yako, napiga kuua

You have to admit, the scene was pretty intense. The music for one and the graphics. Its a thrill.
Yall men thats how you should fwak your womans. They will respect you.

Must have been watching some gay porn ikakushika