Quick Question

A while back, my friend Jackson* passed away. May his soul RIP. Jackson bought some land in a dumpsite which was being sold cheaply by an old man. The land was near one of the county HQs and Jackson swore it was the big one. Of course we downplayed him and laughed in his face. Late last year, the county government cleaned up the area. Jackson’s land is now worth several millions. His younger brother contacted me because he is the beneficiary. We have counter checked and confirmed that it is indeed Jackson’s land. Unfortunately, some vibandas and a bodaboda stage are there. How should he proceed?

First, try to get the local chief to request them politely to vacate after a reasonable notice period. That will give you an idea of how rooted they are, and their attitude.

Thank you. I think that this is a good option for the brother to take.

There is a similar topic in this vilkage where a church asks for permision to ran their services temperarily only for them kuanza kukatalia on the peice of land.:smiley: The owner had to hire some goons. Nani ana link?

this really is your best bet. couldn’t have said it better.

our resident archivist. he’s a cold man.