Quick question

Ati ukitumia any anti-drugs bila hio ugonjwa that its supposed to cure ati utapata hio ailment?

Like utapata Ukimwi ukianza kutumia ARV ju its lased with a pigment of artificial Hiv.

I highly doubt it. Won’t lacing it with the virus affect the patient’s viral load? Lets hear the experts opinions.

They are not vaccines…

That only happens to swali za ujinga… @wonderful wonder is a living example and your efforts are De-throne him are commendable.

Try using them then come back with information in tabular form

the side effects of arvs are overwhelming.and they are not cellular fractions they are pure meds.just sheath it up coz the stigma and drama on the ccc is not worth trying out

Are you by any chance from Wakanda?

I too was looking for people from wakanda.
Are you wakandian?

Most ‘vaccines’ drugs laced with non active virus so no contraindications…i hope

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Even vaccines don’t cause ailments on the contrary they activate immunity against a specific ailment.

Did you know, Body immunity gets activated upon sample of a foreign component. So in order to function as fit, it must be exposed to a more similar artificial ailment component…

( biology form 3)

So what what have you posted that is different from my post? ( biology form 3)?