She always wanted to come visit me… She always told me she’d never done it and to when she came for sure the struggle before even touching her coochie was real… Girl tightened her legs I had to leave her alone…
The next morning I tried again… “it’ll be painful she said”, I’ll be gentle I said… She fucking wouldn’t legeza her leg… I didn’t want to be rough and there was no way I was letting this chance pass… Wouldn’t think of it if another dude broke her virginity… Just loosen your leg… She momentarily loosens it and again on pushing myself nearer her pussy girl tightens harder than before… My dick is now very furious… And for the first time I touch her pussy… It’s the tiniest pussy I’ve ever touched… I even laugh wondering if my dick would fit…
I decide to use a little force and this gets my dick facing the pussy and now let my whole weight on her… She’d never supported such a load so I hear her breathe out hard and at that moment I push myself and the my dick head gets in just the tip… I hear her say “ah” and at that moment I feel like cumming… I fucking gotta stop the cumming nonsense and make sure I get in there… I tell her kiasi holding her tightened leg… I lift it with my right hand this allows me get a little more penetration… Thats when I realize how wet she is… I guess she has come already… " But I must see blood" I swear… “it’s painful” she says “it’s because you’ve tightened your legs” I lie hoping she’d loosen it…
With the tip in to the neck I start moving back and forth… She’s opening her mouth looking like she’s in real pain… I ignore it until I see tears… I stop… Hold both her legs and pull her towards me when she let’s out this defeaning scream… I hold her mouth and pull out… She jumps out of the bed and rushes towards the door then realizes she’s naked she sits there looking so terrified… I get up go to her… "I won’t do it again… Bathe, get dressed… She goes back and sits on the bed … When she gets up the bedsheets are with blood…

You should have wrote these compositions in school and got that A- of 94 that I aced

This right here is bullshit and I won’t read it

Correct your grammar first you “A- of 94” twart

Huwezi tomba virgin na condom , ukivaa itatoboka bado so its better uingie Ki alshabab

Mr. “A-”, in the context above, the tense is pivotal. It is, WRITTEN and not WROTE.

“You should have WRITTEN these…”

example: - He WROTE a letter. - I had WRITTEN a letter.

For an “A-” student that’s not too hard to comprehend, is it now? :D:D:D

Bold all you can but the pivotal thing here is:

[li]I got A- in ‘94 and you didn’t get it in even easier years[/li][li]I got a higher net worth than you and never marrying. You on the other hand is bound to a marriage life and thus poverty [/li][/ol]

Laughable. :D:D:D

Net worth? Hehehehehe :D:D:D

Jigambe wariah.

How come you never talk about the Dean’s list, your first class honors, masters or doctoral thesis or you never furthered your education beyond high school? Not that there is anything wrong with it. Swali tu.

Search the site and you will find that I got a first class. You will also find specific details of my respected publications

Take great notice that that first class wasn’t at a university on Thika road. It was UoN

These answers gave you away, you should have answered in a typical scrotum manner douche bag

Will indulge you for a New York minute. :smiley:

What site? Point of reference. What was your area of research? Journal and publication number priss? I’d like to read it and see whether you’re worth your salt.

mawazo yenye rutuba

This is funny village…
Now guys are arguing how they have mastered the Queen’s language. Hiyo hekaya imekufa hivo tu kama the Punguza mzigo bill.

To hell with your UON crap

Acha deflection ndogo ndogo, eleza kijiji kwa nini kizungu yako ni meffi boss

Technically UoN iko kando ya barabara pia


Malembe …
The Queens English arrived in Mombasa on a Ship …
However , Investing in Good Books and the company of Proficient Speakers can remedy the situation …:D:D

Dr PLO Lumumba.


Naona mkiongelea my English and wonder why y’all have never noticed that I only use American English for universality