Questions for you, pro-corona guys

Pro-corona guys niwaulize, what do you stand to gain if this coronavirus charade goes on and on? Like if we decide to lock down up to 2030 – how would you benefit? In the news today, I heard some niggas arguing that the ‘peak’ we had been first promised in April, then May, and June will now actually come in January 2021, with 2 Million Kenyans infected and so on. It is a ‘model’ they did and came up with those numbers!
Sasa hapo ndio nawauliza, how exactly do you stand to benefit from this thing if it goes on and on? Hamusikii aibu mki-advise government to continue lockdowns/curfews in a nation where coronavirus has had minimal impact? Yet nations like the US and Italy, where the virus has allegedly killed tens of thousands have the courage to re-open almost fully?
How do you stand to benefit from a situation where even hospitals (mater, mp shah etc) are now starting to downsize their employees?
In this context, pro-corona guys are those who defend the corona theory so hard.
Just tell me what is in it for you, because there appears to be another bigger picture I am missing.

I got news for you, life will not go back as it used to be prior to the virus. Even after they find the vaccine which likely won’t be 100% effective, this will continue being our new normal. Everything henceforth will be done with covid-19 as a background.

Bullshit. Maybe kwenyu uko America. In Kenya once cessation and curfew is lifted, be well assured six months down the line tutakua tumesahau corona ni nini. Wale mameffi wa “once corona comes we will cry” kept postponing their dates mpaka wamechoka. The government pia ilikua inapredict serious numbers by May, they are way too far away. Sasa wameanza kutupea imaginary figures ndo wafikishe numbers zenye wanataka ya 10k. We will go back to normal whether corona wreaks havoc or not

She is right u know

I referred to it as a reset-phobia… Now that the reset button has been hit, guys are scared of starting allover again… building those sand castle from ground up oblivious to the fact that they are only postponing the inevitable. Let them enjoy the comfort created out of fear and try as much to persuade other gullible masses that there’s an enemy among us. For you enlightened brother-man, start working… work on your mental and physical strength resilience. You will need that in a short-while.

Yeah, I understand your sense of outrage. By the way, the economy here hasn’t re-opened to pre-pandemic levels…

Unless a cure is found things will never be the same again. People like u take it lightly but guys with existing medical complications are at a higher risk. I knoe it’s a delicate balance between economy and caution but if people joke around utaona cases riaing kama Italy abd spain. N btw before u start saying africans aren’t affected majority of US cases are blacks.

Keeping the curfew or lockdown in place is bullshit,what are we waiting for?covid to just disappear into thin air or a cure to found,how long is that going to take?we are just trying to avoid something which will finally come to be,the virus will spread to the very household or remotest village in Kenya.Open up just like magufuli,let nature take it’s course.Ghasia wewe Uhuru na Kagwe for your boring and nasty numbers update daily as if it’s an achievement.Nobody will come out alive at the end of it all.Hii kuogopa Sana is just nonsense.Konyangi asijaribu kuongeza curfew Tena.Atombwe uko na Matiangi.

Kijana. Tumia akili yako kidogo, do you understand an African America and an African just share the same skin color but are waaay different???

The first 3 days curfew is lifted and clubs are open, the sort of drinking and clubbing that will go down here, wacha tu. We will invalidate the gains of the lockdowns. By the end of it all, Magufuli will look right

Dude let us not beat about the bush. The world as most of us see it will never be the same again ever. Keep the good memories you have of the past. I listened to BoJo’s daily presser yesterday, I got a headache. Just continue doing what we are being advised to do that is sanitise as often as possible.

Economy wise hata sinalakusema. No-one has the answers but if you have any money buda, hold on to it as much as you can as the battle is going to get harder.

Hii swali uliza @Randy , yeye alisema mambo mingi sana.

Let us Learn from the countries that are opening up.

Hakuna mtu Ana gain anything. Kila mtu anaogopa what they will have to deal with in case tu open up kienyeji. Siku yenye utaambukiza baba yako ama mama yako uone akiumia ndio utakumbuka why gova was cautious. But saa hii kila mtu anajifikiria tu akadhani ako immune.

Mimi am taking all the necessary precaution na hustle tunachapa kama kawaida i can barely notice the so called curfew… site zenye singeweza kuaccess before i can now do so with ease na kazi inaendelea. The sooner you adapt the better.

Wafungue economy. Naishi hii route ya Nairobi- Kisii and at night matatus are transporting people kama kawaida.
All they have done is slow down movement and opened a new avenue for police corruption.
Schools however should remain closed. Social hubs too like clubs and bars. Those can be opened with extreme measures but it’s likely to be a failure.
My two cents.

Economy ikifunguliwa bado airline, flower, hotel and tourism industries zitangoja sana as they will await world’s ifungue. Ni kubaya tu.

So now you have a group of medical elite trying to create a global revolution/new world order using this? How comes even in the US, where there have supposedly been many coronavirus deaths, there are still doubters?

There will always be doubters. come on. We have a society of people who believe the earth is flat

Sasa shida ya kufungua shule na bar ni nini? Aren’t the kids who are supposed to be in school spending their days playing with the very same kids they are supposed to be with in school? Haven’t the folks who are supposed to be drinking in the bars simply turned to illicit drinks which they are quaffing with the very same mates they would be drinking with in bars and clubs?