Why do men like the Virginia so much? What is in this small crack that confuses men so much?

Hii kitu makes a dog walk from ukambani to Meru ogopa tu.

Chief Mbuta saa zingine unatupimishanga akili. What sort of man asks such kind of questions?? Unatuona watoto eh?? Mafi ya dhegere

Chifu aliskip some stages in life, forgive him, mimi nimekuja kuaccept it now and I am cool with his theatrics

Wacheni fitina washenzi!

because they were created to procreate

Shifo, this is what we wonder most of the time. Unaona mzee anaomba mboch na the wife is around. I think the question should be why do men like different [SIZE=1]nyaps[/SIZE]…

A good question chief.

It all points to the genius thinking of the Creator. He made the process of reproduction irresistible to ensure sustainability of the world’s creations. Even in the animal kingdom, males fight to get the opportunity to mate with the finest female. Others have a spectacular display of theatrics just to get the cookie.
That hole has some “supernatural” powers that nobody can explain. Seriously how do you explain the case of that wife that was left by a wealthy villager elder because she could not close her legs to a makanga?

There are some unexplainable spirits that exist in the nyap

Chomoka kwa kabati pole pole.

The mystery of the hole surpasses human understanding. We shall never decipher the imprisoning allure behind the thing.

Sawa Baby Panya

That is how we are wired, to conquer and expand, it is the reason why women judge a man by his success and potential future, on the other hand we judge women by their past, if she is promiscuous or has string of past relationships it means she cannot hold one and will definitely monkey branch at the slightest chance she finds a man that offers more than you

I find it mind boggling. You can find a guy giving chase for a very long time. Na hachoki and is not taking no for an answer. If you scratch the surface unakuta he is sorely after that one thing. SMDH.
Some know that one is married na bado…

Yet one he hits it he will never pursue you again

Ni kubaya this time round since women feel more empowered in these manenos TODAY. They will have sex no strings attached and the man won’t know. She does not come home late, so you will never know.

Once he hits, he dissapears forever in search of others

Just to spread that seed, one feels good after he seeds it.

Haki ya mama:mad:.