Can I drive to Uganda with my old car, leave it there and come back with a newer, same model, same Kenyan plates, only different chassis number?

Question: Can I top up my Safaricom Line then purchase unLiminet Bundles from Airtel Line?


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You never got my question, if my car is involved in an accident, written off, i dont involve the authorities, 1995 model, so I can’t import another one…can’t I use the old number plates, move to Ug get another identical one then drive comfortably to Kenya?

Did you read this?


Yes you can, but ukishikwa…utakamuliwa na NTSA, KRA, Kenya Police, Anti-terrorism unit in that order. You cannot sell the car because a keen buyer will check that your deets on Log book tally with the car details. Huwezi chukuwa loan because of the same…

Pick a struggle


You ferkin didn’t get my answer as well.


If you had insurance, they will give you the money to purchase an alternative vehicle and thus an opportunity to upgrade, or buy an equivalent locally used vehicle here in Kenya…

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Hakuna shida. No one bothers much with old cars. I know you love that car too much. That is a small risk for the satisfaction it will give you.

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Unaelekea hapa


Shida sio kulipwa, shida ni kupata gari kama hio. When your car is closer than your wife, the idea of upgrading does not begin to load even as a thumbnail.

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Then you put that car in your bedroom, have it resign to lighter duties than risk its life on Kenyan roads…otherwise, inabidi you wipe tears and move on shingo upande!

It’s been done but it’s a crime.inbox I hook you up. you won’t move anywhere neither your jalopy. meffi

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With all the comments, i really wonder how Ktalk members IQ works . Hamuoni huyu ni MWIZI !!


In my youth, when, to save money, I used one number plate and insurance sticker across three motorbikes, I thought that I was at the bottom-of-the-barrel.
Now I realise I was a saint.
Mtu wa gari hafai kubehave kama mtu wa nduthi.
IQ ni gwegwe.


There are two circumstances that can befall a man and render him stressed, broke and bitter to their death: court cases and hospital bills. You’re bracing yourself for the former.

It’s not worth it. DO NOT.


:eek: Get serious bana!

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Coming from a pink handle, this is savage!


You live in your moms house in utopia. meffi. Ruto used to sell chicken motherfucker!

Cc @Chloe