Question to Well Travelled People

I have had this question lingering in my mind and I cannot seem to find an answer on google.

Now someone like humphrey Kariuki who owns private jets and private airports all over the world, how does it work?

As in, if he takes off from his airport in Cypress and lands in Nanyuki how does he get his passport stamped at either ends?

Private airport or runway?

Anapeana passport to the flight manifest clearance zikuwe cleared pamoja na plane to KAA. It declares who is onboard a flight and where its headed.

hawawezi amka usiku aambie pilot wake amka twende tununue tissue papers Italy, na wachomoke idhaa kama mat.

Airspace is manned by KCAA. You have to clear with them to enter kenyan airpace.

Borders are manned by immigration and customs people, so you cant land anywhere. You have to land kwa zile place huitwa sijui port of entry, na zinakuwaga na watu wa customs na immigration.

Otherwise lazima huwa exempted kama huwezi fuata izo procedure.

Lakini kuna loopholes mingi. unaeza fanya fuel stopover kwa nchi enye citizens wa huko huingia kenya visa free,

so like anapeana passport leo inapigwa stamp ya exit with a future date? what about when he lands? atapeana passport inapigwa stamp kesho and the date gets backdated?

but we saw he has his own airport in Nanyuki for his private airplanes, yes?

:D:D:D sometimes I can’t tell if you’re serious or just posting for the sake of having many threads.

I’m sure you know that even with a private jet and a private airport, you still need to communicate your plans because you can’t just go flying anywhere! That probably means you’ll be directed to a landing point which they know about and therefore, will check you into their country. There’s a reason why the words “flight control tower” actually exist. Apart from that, if you didn’t have to announce your intention to fly somewhere, wouldn’t eveyone be flying fighter jets all over everyone’s airspaces every two minutes trying to measure dicks? Wouldn’t airlines be out of business because all drug mules, illegals and etc just pay private jet owners to fly them in and out of everywhere?

And where the hell would Humphrey be allowed in a city like Heathrow with his private jet when they have an international airport? For chrissakes, Richard Bell himself had to buy hangar space at JKIA for his own plane (s) … WHICH KIND OF MEANS HE HAS TO PASS THROUGH CUSTOMS!

Argh! My reply came late. Youve already been answered sufficiently by other users.

Airspace is manned by KAA. You have to clear with them to enter kenyan airpace.
Borders are manned by immigration and customs people, so you cant land anywhere. You have to land kwa zile

io ni private airstrip. hawezi toka nje ya kenya aland hapo direct bila kupewa exemption. itabidi aland wilson ama jkia kwanza, mahali iko na regulators, then aproceed kwenye anaenda. pia ndege lazima iwe imecomply idhibitishwe airworthiness yake,

Bila kucomply na regulators atasaidiwa na nani kunavigate anga ya kenya?

Alright, I just mentioned Humphrey because he must have private places to land even in Cyprus. So let me get this straight, if he is coming from outside the country he first has to land at JKIA get his passport stamped and then fly to Nanyuki?

sawa thanks man, now I get it. I guess he has to do the same thing if he wants to fly out of the country…

Demakufu wacha ujinga,stick to spinning discs.angalia hapo chini kuna jamaa amejibu hilo swali vizuri,kuna kitu inaiitwa port of entry,hawezi toka Cyprus aland Nanyuki either aanguke JKIA,Moi,Eldoret etc halafu aki clear na immigration anaweza enda Nanyuki,laikipia etc.

uyu jamaa ako sawa hata kama walisema anauza makali

Unafikiria hiyo KAA clearance atatoa wapi? Si obvious kwa National airports. Ama ushaiwaiona KAA office muthurwa/bus station? You dont have to be spoon fed answers

Kwani unapanga kununua private jet?

Did you fully comprehend the initial question?wewe pirate miziki vitu zingine ni rocket science for a dj mind.

you remember when the police raided to go catch his airplanes, but they just found that they had taken off to SA,… so I was just wondering out loud if he was in there passport ilikuwa stamped na nani

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Hehe … apa hujaambia hii khasia poa