Question for @rexxsimba

Daktari @rexxsimba these ladies you have a taste for are so ugly, you bedding them is doing them a complete favor. After kumwaga ndani hadi mkia, do they appreciate the gesture ama bado wanakuringia kama mrembo normal?

@kanguthi is 70 years old
@Kanguthi is a fagget
@Kanguthi sells mcea at thate bob pale Dubai kwa warabao
@Kanguthi was sodomized by @Thirimaii
@Kanguthi is stupid
@Kanguthi has only thate k as savings

Kijana …
“Ugly” is just you personal opinion
( which does not count for much in my books )…

And as I keep challenging all the Juveniles in here
Show us what your wives / girlfriends look like …
( NO one hs so far complied … )


As for your other Queries
Let it be , Let it be …
There will be no answers …
Let it be … :blush:

Sometimes I Just Admire Your Confidence and Guts… It is Unmatched under this Platform.


Photo zingine ni nyongable

Rexx, ni jamaa ya kula kwa macho. Akitia bidii saaana huchukua sheria mkononi.

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Dr, this statement “Show us what your wives / girlfriends look like …”

Hehe, unataka stock mpya ya kufanya ile kitu.

If you weigh over 150kg, you need to be careful around the village Doggtari.

As others admire You …
I was rather smitten by your likeness…
Kindly , reveal more …:blush:

It is a general challenge to the backward Juvenile mob and “Hoi Polloi” in here who constantly demean , degrade and otherwise undervalue others and their preferences.

The fact that none of them has ever stepped up to the challenge speaks Volumes about their real life situations and circumstances"

I say no more …
Draw your own conclusions:blush:

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have you ever posted your wife?

When YOU are sanctimonious and disparage other people’s assets and appearances …

It behoves YOU to set a higher bar by example …:blush:

Careful there young lady. Our local Doggtari will force-feed you till you weigh 150kg, then you must take responsibility for what happens to you later :rofl:

For the avoidance of any doubt …
This is what 150 KGS looks like …:blush: