queshchon for tagged experts

Mtu anaeza pata dem tagged au wote ni maraya wauzaji

madame wote tagged in either malaya or heartbroken single mothers with atleast 2 kids


ata afadhali utafute facebook. Dont take anyone serious in tagged. I’ve chewed two people and I’ve only been there two weeks.

Roughly every woman u see is a peddler kiplani…blame the internet…they can sell and men can buy from the comfort of their locations

Hizi story za lanye zina kudrain man, go out to social gatherings and meet a decent woman or man depending on your sexual orientation

Two people or two lanyes? Kuna tafouti kubwa. Lanyes are people but people are not lanyes!

God! How many times will w ehave to say? Stay the fuck away from virtual dating sites

Huko tagged, every woman you see there has a price tag. Less than 2% are there for something other that looking for a rich man to take them out of their misery.

Correction, I meant to say lanyes.

Take it from someone with experience and has fucked now 25 girls from Badoo, ok cupid and tagged.

Not all the women you will meer there are whores but be ready to lower your standards as most chances are they broke and hypergamous in nature.

There is one chic I fucked from Tagged last year she would commute from Nanyuki to Nairobi to meet me, She worked at Fairmont hotel as a waitress and this year she just got a job in Abu Dhabi as a sous chef in the 1 year I have known her…alinipa slices the last week before she left for UAE…So would you call that a whore? I guess not

Mimi nimekula 5 , one asingle mother 28 years damage 1500 , another 24 yrs damage 2 k , another 39 years damage 1500 , another 40 yrs damage 1 k , lastly 42 yrs damage 0 shillings she just wanted to be shagged .

The costs that you have put down, is it like the cost for food, drinks or uber ama money you gave her after sex as token/appreciation?

Appreciation bro .

Lakini mbona uokote mizoga za 39-42 years kwa dating site imejaa PYTs?? Na bado unazilipia.

They might not all be whores, but I can tell you for a fact that they’re all hoes.

Difference? Hehehe

wdym bit


huyo wa 42 if she`s from githurai tumesalimiana

Hio si mzoga my friend