Queen Elizabeth II

Looks like the queen ananyuria.

Amenyuria mara mingi…let them confirm

Kutakuwa Na Holiday?

amalize aende

Shes 96!

“London Bridge is down”

When death is a fact, the first in the line of succession is automatically considered the new monarch. Most likely, Prince Charles will become king. The Queen’s private secretary makes a calls to the sitting Prime Minister on a secured line with the code message “London Bridge is down”. This initiates Operation London Bridge, and the day is referred to as “D-day”.

The plans include tasks and rules, day by day, from the day of death and for the subsequent nine days, called D-1, D-2 and so on, until the funeral, D-10.

In the hours after the Queen’s death, the highest-ranking civil servants and the government apparatus will be informed, all at a level secured against leaks. The British Foreign Office briefs the governments of the 54 states of the Commonwealth of Nations. In 15 of these, the Queen is head of state.

Wacha akufe kumamaye

Sasa hawatakuja kuona jambas sugu taking power. Anyway, she was a devoted cousin to her husband. Na tupewe holiday ya maziko yake

Prince Charles will inherit and become a billionaire now. He can’t wait.

Kamama on tuesday had symptoms of congestive heart failure: see the bluish/purple hand and swollen ankles


The time has come for her to meet her creator!
Everyone will eventually have that brilliant opportunity.

On a long enough timescale, our chances of survival fall to 0

I blame Ruto. Anamaliza dynasties kabisa.



Mababu na manyanya watuondokee sisi vijana.

My sources at Vauxhall Cross have told me Lizzie is no more. They’re just following protocol now. IT IS SO DECLASSIFIED.


Those are just bruises. She had a cannula inserted recently when she was unwell. But I believe she’s on her way out.

All hail to the queen

Na Ruto ataenda kulia huko kama first foreign trip out.