Background:I work with a parastatal as a System Administrator.
Story:Every given quarter iam forced/coerced by the HR on accepting a graduate Intern from a known so and so.
Rantings:Mtu ametoka University na hakuna difference yake na a class 8 dropout selling maize in the village.Profiency:Ladies(20%) Guys(21.6%)
Kesho hawa watoto watataka wawe ICT manager Safaricom ama Buruburu Matatu Sacco ama County Goverment of Uasin Gishu yet they dont have it in them,i believe we are heading to a sick society void of Qualified Doctors,Pilots,Lanyes,Journalists etc.
Note:Ni wewe ndiye unalipa fees.


Boss hio ni kupunguza hasira

Madness sounds sweet to the world.

I agree. Quality of lanyes in this country is wanting.

Ha ha as in?

they do not know good customer relations/care

Kupora mteja is bad customer relation pia wanafaa wawe fluent in saying manhood blahbla

I think it’s you responsibility to guide them… i have inspired a few in my place of assignment and they have ended-up to become some of greatest techies capable of handling some of the biggest data centers we have here in Kenya, tripling their Salo within an year…As long one is willing to learn and test out things am always willing and eager to guide them especially in systems… I was once like that.

void of Qualified Doctors,Pilots,[SIZE=6]Lanyes[/SIZE],Journalists etc.
Note:Ni wewe ndiye unalipa fees.

lanyes huja kwako Internship? Nigga, uko na raha rants za nini sasa?

A graduate who cannot differentiate between a patchcord and a printer cable how do you start ama is unable to read simple error like a 64bit Os required,bro wacha uwongo,mwalimu kazi yake nini. 4 years?Pls differentiate betwwen guiding and teaching

Ha ha ok. The only thing I hate about Kenyan ladies Ni kusumbua msee Na salaamu every Friday on phone. Kwanza as from 2pm…eti Mpangos dr?

I hate small minds especially manzi akiwa beautiful. Mimi huwa nawatusi. Yaani kenye anafikiriaga Ni out pekee from Friday 2pm. Hii akili gani?

Those dwarfs since they got connections, that is why they get such opportunities yet they got nothing in between their ears. Now the outcome is what you are going through. But there are many well packaged graduates languishing out there due to lack of such opportunities.

You see, this guy beside ‘learning’ IT in school he had like 40 other units to cover and be examined on … how do you expect him to pace up with an ever changing industry with such a load…the curriculum is screwed up and it doesn’t help if you just leave them to learn gain skills all by themselves. Did you know in IT you can pick a househelp and train them to become some of the best sysAdmins/coders without getting into class. Stop being mean, if there is interest to learn please teach. It’s such a great feeling when i had over to one of my junior the root passwords and i go home with an ease mind…" the guy won’t break anything and if he does he will fix it."

Wewe uko dunia yako peke yako na sitakusumbua uelewe INTEREST vs REALITY.


Being overcharged,poor performance,limitation in positions etc.

this is the worst, especially wale hawajui ku position coomer doggie style, they bend their backs into an arc.bure kabisa

This is not limited to lanyes and IT graduates only. I know a guy who did his engineering dip in a certain university college,then went on to the degree programme. He buys exams,he bought his first internship at a certain power company and now through connections he has landed a job a another power company. N he yet to finish his degree programme.
Having interacted with him I know for a fact that he would not hack it if were not for his connections… If you were to get such a guy for an intern you are ferked. Coz he expects everything to be handed over easy to him.

@IPDEV hapa una point kama fote.

Glad to learn a new one, kids.

And glad to second your opinion.