Quarantined Infant Forced to Sleep on Floor

A woman and a two-month-old baby were reportedly arrested on Wednesday, April 29, and hauled up at a pathetic quarantine centre at St Anne’s Kisoki Girls in Busia County.

Caroline Akumu’s husband, Ernest Osundwa lamented over how his wife was picked up by Busia County Government officers (askaris) as she was en route from her daily hustle.
"My wife was arrested at 5 p.m. (on Wednesday, April 29), as she was rushing to her place of work in the market, to ensure that her goods were secure. The county askaris arrested her and took her to Nambale and she was later detained at St Anne’s Kisoko Girls High School.
“In the quarantine centre, she had nowhere to sleep and she opted to stay the night and let the boy sleep on carton board,” he lamented.

swali yangu ni,wewe kama kanjo how do you take a WOMAN with an infant to such a room?

but hey…this is not urgent…before we look at this lets first earmark 10.1million for tea and snacks…oh…wait 4million out of that is already spent…on tea and snacks…

Boss, afadhali hawa D- materials sisi hutrash hapa daily. Kanjo ni meffi mara 468,327

Shitty family! The husband should tell us whether he took beddings to her and he was turned back with them. Secondly, whoever left her in that situation needs to take responsibility too, and that should include persons who designated or designed that place as a holding facility! Looks like a well furnished Kenya police cell to me! Somebody needs to be fired!!