Qatar dealing with gays


Kichapo cha mbwa msikitini.

people deserve basic human dignity, this is monkey behavior… no homo… besides, Kenya is ranked no 1 country that consumes the most geh porn… niliona kwa gazeti

Bomoa kabati bila kelele

Wazungu wafanyie hiyo uchafu kwao. They ought to respect other people culture and values

Such kind of rankings are automatically meant to promote an agenda and stir curiosity. Kenya is the guinea pig experiment for all muthungu’s evil trials.

This is Morocco NOT Qatar.

That bullshit (gayism) ain’t normal.
It might have been there during Abraham’s time but it’s not normal.
Let’s not embrace this evil.

Tupatie historia fupi of how it became evil, from once being an accepted vice ?

Doesn’t matter as long as gehs are getting clobbered for their unnatural behavior



Kichapo cha nguruwe msikitini.

[SIZE=2]mbwa wewe[/SIZE]

Kweli kapsa. Let us not be lost in translation and distracted by useless facts. What is of importance ni mashoga wanapata dawa yao whether in Luxembourg or Shamakhokho.

in the wider scheme of things , what does these beatings achieve ?

Enda huko uvae kama dem halafu urudi kutwambia. Experience is the best teacher.

can public whiping and humiliation change people’s sexual orientation ?

Mimi sijui what I know is that our mission is to box them into kufunguana boot under cover bila kutusumbua. Ushawahi kutupata kwa town square encouraging people to fuck vaginas?


:D:D:D Shamakhokho si ni kwa kina Uwes… ama niwache tu